Any update on the incompatibility issue with Mavericks?

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I'm a support engineer supporting an environment of 500 iPads and in the process of deploying another 500 in the future and I discovered this awesome looking tool 1 day too late. I discovered it the day after I updated the MBA we use to Mavericks and I have read the below thread regarding the error generated where you state this basically makes your tool incompatible with Mavericks

I wondered if there is any update on this issue? Quite annoyed I upgraded now, as we don't really need mavericks and I don't have a downloaded copy of Mountain Lion to use for an easy rollback, meaning it would involve buying it. Grrrr Apple!

Do you have any update?

Many thanks


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Not at the moment, no. I haven't yet made any changes to the current tool, for two reasons. One just being a simple (but regrettable) lack of time, and two being a more deeply troublesome problem.

While the bugs related to making AIDAB Mavericks-compatible could, potentially, be sorted out with a hefty re-write, there's a bigger issue that strikes all versions of OS X: the dreaded iTunes error 11222

In days of yore, as long as you talked to an Apple Engineer and had the "velocity limit" lifted from your public IP and email domain you could create Apple IDs pretty much as quickly as the script could churn them out. Recently, however, what appears to be a new anti-automation countermeasure has been put in place that prevents more than a double-fistful of accounts from being created from a single device in a short amount of time, even if you have the velocity limit lifted.

After the script runs through a dozen or so accounts, iTunes starts spitting out a consistent error 11222 at the final stage of account creation. If you wait a few minutes you might be able to create a few more before 11222 pops back up. How many accounts you can create before 11222 rears its ugly head, and how many minutes you have to wait before trying again seems to vary at random. I've even received reports from employees in my own organization who are creating a bunch Apple IDs by hand (too few to be worth automating) getting hit with 11222.

This puts a significant damper on the effectiveness of the script, and if it does turn out that it's an intentional anti-mass-creation feature and not an unintended bug (I'm still trying to get confirmation from my Apple Engineer) then I have to seriously question if continued development of AIDAB is viable. I have neither the will nor the expertise necessary to go toe-to-toe with Apple on this matter. If they put the kibosh on mass Apple ID creation then there's nothing I can do (except weep and beg. Not a pretty sight.)

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Still Broken??

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Just came across this tool and quickly found (in the forums) the issues with using this tool with Mavericks.

8 weeks later since the previous update, has the status changed on whether the batch creator issues has been resolved (or not)??


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Ok so after finding this thread I know why it will not work in 10.9.....Works great in 10.8.x.. Thanks for a SUPER app!!! :->

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I updated the original script

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I have no idea how to update the app you have, but I updated the original script that helped me create ~3,000 IDs.

I made a post about it here:

Hopefully this can help some people while you update the App.


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