Apple Configurator's Whitelist Option (only allow specific apps) preventing making calls

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We use Apple Configurator to generate profiles and import them to MDM.

Suddenly after updating to iOS 10 (and using only allow the apps in the section - whitelistedAppBundleIDs - we can't make outgoing calls. Tapping the green button is not working.

Any ideas what happened after updating to iOS 10?

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Whitelist ‘’

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I think, it has got to do with iOS 10’s ‘remove built-in apps’ feature.

Well, here’s something you can do. Whitelisting phone app wouldn’t work, instead, add ‘’ to the whitelist and you’re good.

Just tested it over here and I can confirm it works fine. Hopefully, Apple takes care of it in the next update.


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Elizabeth Hale

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Please try adding

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Please try adding "" identifier as white listed.

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Thanks to Bryan and Elizabeth

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Thanks to Bryan and Elizabeth - that did the trick for us Smile


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