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I'm looking to find or create a list of applications that support iOS Data Protection.

For reference, Data Protection links file storage encryption with the user's passcode so that if the device is stolen/compromised, the data is properly encrypted and not easily recoverable; similar to BlackBerry encryption but applied on files instead of the whole device. This is important for any type of sensitive information, data in applications that don't use Data Protection is fairly easily recoverable by Jailbreaking the device and using available extraction tools.

To date, what I know:

  1. Apple's mail application (email and attachments, enforceable) ref:
  2. GoodReader (not sure if enforceable, have asked their dev) ref:

Any others?

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eIOS "List of Apps That Support Apple Data Protection"

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You come to the right place . . .there's a list in the Wiki section of this community here:

Can you share more details about what your users are doing that lead to your query? Perhaps the community can make additional recommendations beyond the list.

- Reid


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