Best iPad app for slide sharing & collaboration?

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I'm looking for an app to mediate meetings and presentations. I haven't done much research yet, but thought the Enterprise iOS community may be a great place to start. The features I have in mind are:

  • slides from presenter's iPad display on projector and also on attendees' iPads. Old slides may be reviewed during presentation. But new slides not revealed in advance.
  • slides can be annotated by attendees (but annotations not shared) and saved for later
  • attendees can share contact information with other attendees
  • questions may be submitted to the presenter
  • groups set up via bonjour with option of a simple remote access (like a PIN code)

Any suggestions and mini-reviews?

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Join.Me Pro will allow you

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Join.Me Pro will allow you share documents in a presentation manner from your iPad....but it will not allow you to share your screen using other Apps.

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Thread resurrection!

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Thread resurrection! Smile


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