Can only seem to create 5x AppleID's per machine

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Hi all,

Been playing with the batch creator and it works well, however I seem to be only able to create 5x iTunes accounts on the MAC running the script.

If I don't run the script and use iTunes directly I can still only create 5x accounts in iTunes before I get a very unhelpful message in red directing me to iTunes support.

So the script is fine but iTunes is limiting me. I have our public Static IP whitelisted by Apple. If I use 5 different machines in the office, I would be able to create 25 accounts so it is not the velocity check breaking the creation.

Tried using OS10.9.5/iTunes
Tried using OS10.10.2/iTunes
Tried using Win7/iTunes

Any ideas? Is this specific to the New Zealand store?

Thanks for any help.

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I feel your pain....

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USA store->whitelisted with Apple->iTunes 12.1->OS X 10.10.2-> only able to create 2 AppleIDs this morning, and then "boom", red message

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A big thank you to Barbara at iTunes support in the US. Apple NZ tried for 2 weeks to get this resolved and a 20 minute phone call to Barbara has fixed the issue and I am now able to create AppleID's using the script in an unlimited way.

I believe the whitelisting had not happened correctly.

Stephen Fergusson


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