Cannot select Create Apple ID button

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I used the default headers and kickstart and it takes me to the iBooks page. I added a step to click the "Free" button on the iBooks page, this works, and shows the "Sign in to download from the iTunes Store" pop up window. When I try to add the next step to press the "Create Apple ID" button my only option is still the "Free" button. It appears my automation builder isn't recognizing the pop up window.

I'm on iTunes 11.0.4 (4) and os 10.8.4.

Anybody else run into this problem?


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This turned out to be my

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This turned out to be my error. I was adding an action for "Button" instead of "Dialog Box Button (special)". All good after that, appreciate the script.

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Script stop at iTunes ibooks page

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i have problem with this script also...using iTunes 10.7
just added a line to the cdv and runs the script.. i see iTunes comes up and goes to ibooks page.. then after a while i get error from the script.

Showing error 1 of 1:

Unable to verify that iTunes is open at the iBooks App Store Page.

What am i doing wrong ??

Appreciate help



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