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Hi guys, I am working for a software company, which is currently thinking about cooperating with MobileIron or possibly AirWatch. Basically my company is building a tool that allows people to create apps and we'd like to give users a "one click publish" to MDM products like Mobile Iron and AirWatch. I'm wondering if there's a way to connect the two systems to make this possible. For example, is there specific data we need to send with the app file to Mobile Iron or AirWatch?

A use case would be:

1. I create my app in my creation tool.
2. When I'm done I click a "publish" button.
3. The app is automatically saved up to the MDM.
4. The MDM administrator can use the normal process for that MDMD to
deploy it to users.

Some words please? Thanks a lot!

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AirWatch Contact Information

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Toss Coin,

I am happy to assist you in connecting with someone at AirWatch to discuss your App Management needs. Please send your request to

You can also find more information about our App Management solution here:

We look forward to hearing from you!

The AirWatch Team


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