EOY 1-1 Student iPad collection

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We will be going thru our 3rd year of end of year 1-1 Student iPad collection this year.
Wanted to fist share a few things we have learned plus ask if anyone would be willing to share what works for them. Looking to possibly change our High School Classroom based collection model to a more centralized one.

  • We treat the AC adapter and USB cable now as consumable items and do not collect. Started this policy before last years collection and I would highly suggest this as it has GREATLY helped our collection process.
  • Damage standards and charge/no charge for damage has always been a challange for us. Anyone willing to share their standards and how they implement? Last year we did an expanded ‘Tier 2’ examination of ours after main classroom collection checking units out of our provided case for dents, damaged headphone jacks, button damage, etc and based parent damage charges off that ’Tier 2’ check. Since this was not done with Student present and even though we had photos we still had quite a bit of negative Parent feedback. What to avoid that so wondering what others are doing for EOY damage procedures.
  • What are others doing for a timeline on Student 1-1 iPad collection? At our High School their stance is not until like 4th period of last Student day as they use for finals. Our Middle School sites are like 2 weeks ahead of last Student day so that is less of a collection timing issue.


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With your chargers, do

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With your chargers, do students just purchase them outright or anytime it's broken it gets replaced? Are you using Apple or 3rd party? We just switched to using Monoprice chargers and cables as replacements. The collars and tend to pull apart a lot easier, but at 5 bucks a pop, I think we're still coming out ahead.

I've been trying to revamp our collection process this year—mostly coming down to man power during the actual collection since they want to keep the devices in hands as long as possible. We did some early voluntary collections during exam week, but we still had two thirds or so of the student body returning devices after school on the last day. Last year it wasn't very assembly lined, and a lot of major damage assessment was done during the summer which didn't go over to well.

The goal is to have somewhere around 20 or so people on hand for various stations:

1) Basic check in - is iCloud Off? Do you need to migrate your school AppleID to your new email (we switched domains this year... still stragglers) Do you have a nametag?
2) Charger check - mostly for internal use since we're getting new devices next year.
3) Case check
4) Device check - having non-tech staff check for cracks and dents, and then sending it over to a supervising technician.
5) Fee table

it might be a struggle to get enough people for this. My main goal is to keep the students moving so it feels like it's going faster and avoid any walk outs. Anyone who didn't turn theirs in on time last year is going to have theirs collected early. We're also going to use a punch card receipt system as they go to each station so parents can expect this report to come home with their student (and later an official letter for any damage)—and it should help the other stations double check the previous persons data entry.

This year, the school issued a materials fee of 40 dollars unless families qualified for free and reduced lunch. So long as the students follow the device agreement and keep things in their case, they're not charged for the first instance of accidental damage. Anything outside of that is the repair cost minus the usage fee. That should reduce the number of upset parents over all, but might concentrate the anger for any family that has to pay on top of the usage fee.

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Awesome info to know! :->

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Awesome info to know! :-> Currently we are sticking with Apple cords and Chargers because of horror stories we have heard with off brands - like chargers that start fires..
Man power is big issue for us as well that is why I am going thorough our procedures now..
Like your procedures with different stations..

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