Has anyone recently had success?

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So, I got my automation all set up after a few stabs at it. It's very basic and uses most of the default options.

I created the CSV file with 3 records in it and ran the process.

It was fun watching all the buttons get pushed and all the screens flash by.

It appeared to have great success for the first 2 and then on the 3rd one, I got the "Hey... you're asking for too many Apple IDs" error which makes sense because I manually created one account today during the set up process, so I hit my 3 limit. I didn't ask to be whitelisted yet because I just wanted to test with a small number.

I received my verification e-mail for the first one I manually created within a few minutes, but I haven't received the verification e-mail for the other 2 that I believe successfully made it through the process.

The spit out CSV file said the account creation was successful.

I just wanted to check to see if anyone else has recently had success since the author alluded in a previous post to the fact that Apple is finding other ways to block automators like this one.

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Another thing learned...

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So today I had a fresh start with no restrictions on my IP address. (still haven't asked to be white listed yet).

Ran through the program with 3 attempts at accounts. Every one I got the error message (Contact Apple).

Now my automation uses the exact same values for everything except the username. I think that's where things are choking.

I went back and created an Apple ID manually using different information and things went fine.

Then I went back and created an Apple ID manually using the same credentials as the automation tool and things choked again.

So, I think Apple has remembered that Mr. Anoka SpecialEd has already created an account yesterday and doesn't deserve an account today.

I've contacted our Apple Engineer to see if there is a work around, but I may need to look at creating a spreadsheet with different values for everything. More to come.


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