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My name is Dan. I work in a school district in Rochester, NY. We are about a third of the way through a deployment of 3000 iPads 1:1 to students over the next couple of years. We currently have about 900 in student and staff hands. I'm using Apple Configurator and the Casper MDM solution. I'm looking, and hopefully have found, a place I can go with questions about our deployment. I was actually doing some research on a not so technical matter that led me here.... iPad Air Cases... but I will post elsewhere. Glad to be here!

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Nice to hear that you are going to deploy of 3000 iPads to student over the next couple of years. I think you have deserve it. Hats of to your good sign. I always encourage people who are doing good things. I am going to watch your blog post regularly to know about your next progress. And glad to see nice people like this. Sharing of your information is really good. Continue your wonderful job. Thank you. Kliky Balls

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Hi, I am New from in this

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I am New from in this Forum.. I am very Happy to join this forum.. Interesting Thanks..

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Welcome! :->

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Welcome to the Enterprise iOS community! :->
Your District's plan sounds extremely wise. In our case it was 3500 1-1 Students units all at once. We are on year 3 now so we have quite a bit better handle on MDM, 1-1 procedures and so forth - but the first year was a nightmare.
On your question ob device cases we starting last year went with a company called 'Rugged Protection' for cases. Low cost for a hard plastic clamshell case with a rubberized outer case. In our bulk purchase it was about 24 bucks a case.
Hope this helps!

John Humphrey
Apple Support Specialist
Huntington County Community Schools
Huntington IN

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Hi Everyone!

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Hi Guys and Girls!

We make cases, covers and accessories for schools and businesses
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