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Hi I am new to the forums and would like to know if anyone knows of a way or app that can lock down devices proxy server settings? I have contacted apple who say this isnt possible through xml files or the apple config tool so would like to know if anyone has come across any mdm software that can do this.

We use Ipads in Bank branches and do not want users (customers) to be able to in put a proxy server setting that could potentislly divert customer data to a personal proxy.

Any idea or comments would be much appreciated

Carlie Mcnamee

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Hey Carlie- Are you referring

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Hey Carlie-

Are you referring to something that's able to "lock down" the proxy settings provided in each of the wireless profiles? As of this very moment, I've not yet seen where access can be blocked to that area via MDM or even locally via iPCU or the Apple Configurator.

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Hi yes I am and I havent either. Pretty rubbish really when this would be a major security issue when used in any organization. Anyone could set up a proxy of their own and filter information from the ipad to their proxy!
Im also trying to set up a profile but useing profiles I then cannot turn off the ability to dete apps! You can turn it of through restriction but this one isnt listed in the apple config tool.

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