MDM and APNS cert - Do I really need it?

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Hello everyone,

I am evaluating MDM solutions to present them to a customer. I will present the Apple's Lion Server MDM solution and Casper's. Since I am in the beginning of this evaluation, I have some general questions:

Do we need the cert from here: in order for MDM to work? Or is it only for distributing in-house applications?

For the first phase, we need to manage the devices, since there are companies that do not create in house apps, but they need only to manage their devices.

Please shed some light...

Best regards

Kostas Backas

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MDM requires a certificate from the link you gave. Apple's Profile Manager (built into Lion Server) will fetch that automatically during setup. Casper (and all otherMDM solutions) requires that you obtain the certificate yourself. JAMF has instructions on how to do this. The instructions use the old way (requiring membership in the iOS developer program), but it should get you in the right direction.

By the way, push certificates have nothing to do with in-house apps. You are thinking about code signing and/or deployment certificates, which are other things.

Aaron Freimark, Enterprise iOS founder & GroundControl CEO

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Thank you. My first concern

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Thank you. My first concern is to cover device management. You are referring to the APNS old way, which means that getting a cert is now free?
What should I consider (what is needed) for code signing and push certs?

Best regards


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Roger Watson

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Just in case anyone Google's

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Just in case anyone Google's this - easiest way to explain the free and new process of generating an APNs certificate:

Create a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) - easiest method of creating one of these is using Server Certificates in IIS.
Send the CSR (text file) to the MDM vendor - they run it through their system and will send you back a .plist file
Go to and log in with a valid Apple ID. !!!IMPORTANT!!! make sure to document these credentials somewhere !!!IMPORTANT!!!
Upload the .plist file and download the return file (.CER)
Complete the signing request on the original IIS server.


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