MDM solution for small education institution.

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I am a principal in a small education institution in Sydney Australia. We currently have 30 iPads to support our programs.

I am after a MDM solution that will do all the typical Apple Configurator stuff but will also allow the distribution of iBook Author files as well as music and video to the iPads. This is essential for now we are using our iPads.

Our funding is limited so I am after a MDM solution that is not expensive and does not have subscription or renewal fees etc. If it was just a piece of software like Configurator it would-be great.

Alternatively is there another way of getting .ibook files/video/photos onto the ipads once they are supervised?

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You can't push out audio,

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You can't push out audio, photos and video using an MDM. You may be able to load it via Configurator.

You should be able to push out iBooks content via an MDM, or at least offer it on a self service portal like in Casper suite.

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Hi Steve,

Check out Meraki they have a free MDM solution
However audio and video can't be pushed out from this.

If the audio/video is available from a windows share have a look School elockers they're doing some cool stuff.

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Building blocks are there already

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Pushing media out to devices isn't a Mobile Device Management function - its CONTENT management - they are two separate things.

Apple Configurator blends these two concepts a bit, as it allows loading of some App data, and is low cost and pretty simple to use at that scale of number of devices, but it suffers from the "update over USB only" problem in terms of how it scales.

If you are already deploying with Apple Configurator, then you have at least one Mac in the organisation, so combinging AC with OS X Server with Profile Manager is a low cost MDM option if you have the hardware to spare, and it has an easy to set up Wiki that can host content. You can push notifications of updates, but not the actual data (the client device would need to have the user respond to the notification and pull the data)

With regards to pushing content, as you are an educational institution, you may be able to create and leverage a private iTunes U instance - this is zero cost, and can push notifications of updates to iBooks and other content to devices.

If you have an existing CMS - like say Blackboard, many of these already have an iOS client App.Typically these can sync updates to content over the air.

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Tim Williams

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Yes, you can do this with MDM

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Absolute Manage can push media files, including audio, video, iBooks and others, out to mobile devices. This functionality is referred to as Mobile COntent Management, as Uroshnor says, but it does not require a separate software product.

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Mark Pluijmakers

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iTunes U

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iTunes U courses can also be used to distribute different kinds of media. You can try this for free, to see whether this solution is fit for you. If this suits your needs, contact your Apple Education representative for mor information on how to implement this school-wide.

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Absolute Manage

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Thanks for this info. Just had a look at Absolute Manage and it looks very good indeed.

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I believe you can - i just

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I believe you can - i just finished doing a demo with a couple of MDM vendors and one stood out for their list of files they can push out - including ePub and ebook files.

editing this on the fly as im watching the demo and researching at the same time.

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Another free solution

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In case you are still looking into this: You may want to check out DeviceLink ( for free mobile device management, although that product doesn't have any content distribution aspects.

DocLink ( can serve up content from behind the company firewall to mobile devices, if that is where your content lives. I'd have to check on ebook support, but I'm sure it could be made to work if it doesn't today.

Happy to answer any other questions you may have!

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mdm for enterprise

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DeviceMax Enterprise Mobile Device Management (MDM) offers end -to-end security, enterprise grade architecture, world class service and support across major mobile platforms available. It addresses every facet of the need, for mobile device configuration at present and provides a framework for meeting future needs with most advanced technology. This MDM tool helps in securing propriety data on devices and reducing the device configuration cost without losing mobility of devices

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Codeproof - cloud based MDM

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Codeproof offers cloud based MDM/MAM for businesses and schools (link Simple to use. Pay as you go. SaaS model.

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You doing great job as

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You doing great job as principle of institution and we need to so much improvement in education sector and here Smart Custom Writing review available for students. Thanks for such a good ideas.


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