Managed Distribution token on more than one MDM?

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Hi guys,

I'm using my VPP token in Airwatch for pushing out apps to iOS devices but would like to use my mac server to push out OSX apps to desktops, can i download the token again and use it on both systems at the same time? VPP on airwatch is a little flakey at the best of times (has anyone actually used managed distribution with airwatch and get it to work?) so don't want to break it.

I've logged a call with VPP support but they can take a while to respond, I'll post back what i hear from them, but if any of you have some insight that would be great.

Regards to all.

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Yes, please post back what you find...

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Yes, please post back what you find from Apple VPP support...In our case I have a test server environment with the latest build of our MDM (FileWave) that supports the new VPP Distribution Method. (Been playing with it and things are a tad foggy with the new Mac OS X and IOS app distribution methods for me, but hopefully over time this will clear up....) I downloaded the MDM token from the main Apple ID we plan to use with VPP this fall and installed that on our test server. I am hoping that once I download a new token with that main Apple ID I can load it on our production server once I update that when current School session ends in like three weeks.

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I'm having a horrible

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I'm having a horrible experience with two MDM services and the same VPP token. In the Filewave manual, it says not to use the token on more than one service. I'm starting to agree.

I've also had a bad experience with putting OSX Profile Manager devices into an MDM as well.


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