New MDM Features in iOS 9.3

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There's been a lot of press on the new features coming out for iOS 9.3, but most of this hasn't covered the more subtle, MDM functionality enhancements. Namely:

  • Ability to enable/disable apps from running
  • Ability to reconfigure icon layout on the Home Screen
  • Control over notification settings
  • Additional restriction options
  • Safari auto-fill domain control

We go into more depth in the following article:

Feel free to respond, I'll answer any questions the best that I can Laughing out loud

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Homescreen Layout

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I played with the new policys on my supervised MobileIron managed iPhone. I used the specs found here:

My Goal was to define a homescreen Layout for only some apps. I used this as config:

Apparently i didnt understand the XML really - the payload is accepted by device, but the Icons are all on page one and not in dock.

Now i see Aarons post with the sample code. I will try that first. Thank you!

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Homescreen Layout Example

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Hi, we've just finished up creating our home screen layout features in TabPilot. What we did was to create a nice graphical drag-and-drop interface where you can lay out icons for apps and web links as well as folders that can be placed on screens or in the dock. Then the whole layout can be applied to a device group or class. For now it's just for iPads, but if you care to take a look at how slick it turned out, you can see how it's done here:

Here's an image of the drag-and-drop interface we created:

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Free Home Screen Layout Functionality

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SimpleMDM has added home screen layout functionality, making this feature available for both free and paid accounts. More information is available in our press release:

If you do not already have a SimpleMDM account, you can create one instantly, without talking to a sales rep, at Your first five devices enrolled are free.

home screen layout

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