Profile Manager access via REST (or similar)?

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I was wondering whether it's possible to interact with Profile Manager in an automated way (i.e. as a RESTful web service) to do things such as delete a device (i.e. as part of a de-provisioning workflow, or even do an "Update Info" periodically).

I did a basic search but nothing seemed to jump out.


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blacklist apps

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Of course I do not know your internal policy but you could start to blacklist some infected Android apps such as:

Advanced App to SD
Advanced Barcode Scanner
Advanced Compass Leveler
Advanced Currency Converter
Advanced File Manager
Advanced Sound Manager
App Uninstaller
Basketball Shot Now
Best password safe
Bowling Time
Bubble Shoot
Color Blindness Test
Dice Roller
Falling Ball Dodge
Falling Down
Finger Race
Funny Face
Funny Paint
Hilton Sex Sound
Hot Sexy Videos
Magic Hypnotic Spiral
Magic Strobe Light
Music Box
Omok Five in a Row
Photo Editor
Quick Delete Contacts
Quick Notes
Scientific Calculator
Screaming Sexy Japanese Girls
Sexy Girls: Japanese
Sexy Legs
Spider Man
Super Guitar Solo
Super History Eraser
Super Ringtone Maker
Super Sex Positions
Super Sexy Ringtones
Super Stopwatch & Timer
Supre Bluetooth Transfer
Task Killer Pro
Tie a Tie

this is of course just a start. There are a lot more infected apps. A second step is filtering the apps which send your data to third parties. This list will be even bigger.


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