Pushing large files to many iPads at once

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I am new here but have a problem I am sure others have encountered or will encounter....so I wanted to see if anyone had any other suggestions.

We have the need to push a 500 MB video file to about 50 iPads as quick as possible. These iPads will be on a plane, traveling home. So, if it is a physical device using usb it must have a small footprint. We can create our own WiFi segment on the plane, however my testing below will show the issues there.

Testing the iPad2 and it's Wifi capabilites I have come to the conclusion that max transfer rate on the device itself is about 38 Mbps. I tested on a network that has 200 MB of bandwidth and tested with multiple iPads. So, if you have a 500 MB file you want to move to the iPad via WiFi it will take 105 seconds or one minute and 45 seconds. Here in lies the problem.....if you need to get 50 iPads that file..that download stream is not autonomous. Every iPad you join will denegrate that transfer speed and once you join 10 or so the transfer will take much too long.

If you had enough bandwidth for 10 iPads to join and all get thier own 38 mbps of bandwidth...why can you not tranfer to all 10 iPads in one minute and 45 seconds?

Thanks for any thoughts on this....

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49 Port USB Charging Hub for iPads and Other Apple Devices

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I am interested in this type of solutions as well.
I saw this device from the web, looks quite promising, but have no personal experience with it myself.

any experience sharing from others?

best regards

Kenneth Li


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