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Progressing nicely and plan to put together directions once I'm done. Another question...

What are people doing for the field Rescue e-mail address? I don't THINK you can use the same one for all of the accounts you create. Or am I wrong?

Are you entering an address for that? Or leaving it blank?


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You can, BUT(!)

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Yes, you can use the same address for all the accounts you create (or at least you could last I tried, a month or two ago. Account creation rules are always a moving target.)

HOWEVER, you really, really don't want to do that, and here's why:

1. After specifying a recovery address, password recovery emails are only sent to the recovery address
2. The recovery email address must be verified before it can be used to actually recover anything
3. Verification emails do not specify what Apple ID they accompany
4. To verify the address you must log in to the Apple ID portal with the Apple ID that corresponds to the unique link in the verification email
5. Verification emails for the recovery addresses cannot be re-sent after the fact
6. Recovery addresses cannot be removed, changed, or added to

This makes for quite the ugly scenario, with dozens to thousands of perfectly generic verification emails that you must somehow magically know which Apple IDs they accompany before you can actually use the email account to recover passwords. Essentially it makes email-based recovery impossible instead of more robust. Any of the above could (and hopefully will) change in the future.

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Awesome! THANKS!

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Thanks much for both the creation of this software as well as the continued support!


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