Reselling of iPad to end user - Apple ID is stuck

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We have a program that is just getting off the ground that allows our franchised users to purchase an iPad from us with good financing terms and the company specific apps to be preloaded when they receive it.

The problem we are running into is, since we are using Configurator to setup the iPads (download Google Chrome and Podcasts among others). When the user receives the iPad, it is not tied to an Apple ID but when Google Chrome releases an update, then the update screen prompts for the password that was originally used to download the app.

Is there any way to avoid this?

We currently,
Setup email, download apps, and download some content within the apps. Some of this is automated through Configurator and some is manual. If we move to a completely manual process we still get the same issue as an Apple ID is required to download the free stuff.

The devices will not be supervised nor will they be ever touched again by our IT staff. These are resold to the end user and setup as a value added service.

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It doesn't seem like it. Apps

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It doesn't seem like it. Apps are always tied to an Apple ID. Oddly enough even after an iCloud restore. I restored an iCloud backup of a device that had previously received apps from Configurator, and now uses the App Store. All of the apps it previously had tried to download, but it wanted the password of the Apple ID that originally downloaded those apps. Even after the user had signed in to his personal ID in the App Store.

So basically no, the only way to do what you want is to have the user give you the ID to use with the device or you have to give a new ID to them.

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Apps are linked to the originating Apple ID

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What you are talking about sounds like a great idea in theory, however is not possible. Apps are linked to the Apple ID they were downloaded and installed with. Have you turned on the automatic "updates" under the new Apple ID? Pretty sure this may still want the originating Apple ID, but it's worth a try.

We use MaaS360 to manage our devices. What you are trying to accomplish would be possible if you uses it as well. It allows you to distribute app to a device regardless of the Apple ID. This is great for BYOD situations, which it sounds like that is essentially what you are doing. You can distribute or remove free and paid apps to any device, this allows the end user to utilize their own Apple ID, eliminating the need for you to create and manage end user Apple ID's.

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We ran into this

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We ran into this problem.

Every app install has to be tied to a specific Apple ID. The solution is to delete the apps you directly installed (since they're tied to a specific Apple ID) and then use the Apple VPP to give the apps to your users.

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We utilize MaaS360 to deal

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We utilize MaaS360 to deal with our gadgets. What you are attempting to finish would be conceivable on the off chance that you utilizes it also. It permits you to disperse application to a gadget paying little respect to the Apple ID. This is awesome for BYOD circumstances, which it sounds like that is basically what you are doing. You can appropriate or evacuate free and paid applications to any gadget, this permits the end client to use their own Apple ID, killing the requirement for you to make and oversee end client Apple ID's.Macor

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I don't see the point in

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I don't see the point in having a non-factory reset image if your IT staff is not expected to every touch them again. Make sure they are unsupervised and unmanaged. Then reset the device and sell them as factory default devices. Your employees can set it up themselves. Set up from scratch is simple enough that really anyone can do it.


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