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I have a dilemma. My boss wants me to signup for the Enterprise Developer Program but I don't have the legal authority to act on behalf of my company. This is the third time he has asked me to complete this task and I have explained I don't have the authority to complete the registration. I'm not sure what to do and want some advice to complete it or tell him what to do.

Can someone help me or has someone experienced the same problem with there boss and how did they solve it?

We also want to sign up for the Apple Deployment Program but it is the same problem with sign up.


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Who can sign a contract in your company?

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I ran into this situation as well. The easiest way is to find someone who has the authority to sign contracts, which is really what they're looking for. In my case, this was my boss. I sat with him and we signed up online with his Apple ID. Then, after several days, we transferred the administrator role to my Apple ID.

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