The most restrictive MDM available

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I'm using Apple's Profile Manager at the moment, but having issues with the users just manually changing the configurations around where the time to resolve the issue is growing increasingly.

What I'm looking for is a MDM that can:

1. Prevent the user from deleting apps that are deployed
2. Prevent the user from changing the Name of the device
3. Prevent the user from resetting the iPad.
4. Prevent the user from disabling Find my iPad

Any suggestions?

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Re: The most restrictive MDM available

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I may be wrong, but I'm not sure if there is any MDM that Apple allows to restrict all of these features.

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Nope...Until Apple opens up

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Nope...Until Apple opens up more in the MDM standard for Supervised devices, complete unit lock down is not there. However with Supervised device and Apple's DEP program you can get fairly close to that .. Most MDM allow profiles fro like not Deleting apps and with DEP even if they reformat it DEP forces them to sign back in and get same policies from MDM they had before and re supervise the unit.

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Possible with Supervised Mode

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By enabling a supervised mode (using Apple configurator tool) and then using Codeproof MDM, you can remotely enable all those above restriction policies.

Here are instructions:


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