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We are predominantly a Microsoft house but we have just purchased 50 Ipad’s for our branches. We need to put new apps on the Ipad’s and currently this involved getting all 50 Ipad’s sent back to HO for us to update via a USB. This is a tiresome solution and hopefully this forum may be able to shed some light on how we can do this remotely. Therefore the question i have is this, can a Ipad’s be updated remotely via a 3G network?

Some things to consider when answering this:

The Ipad’s have not been made domain members
We do not have WIFI in the branches
We do not have any "fat client" machines in branch with iTunes installed
The Ipad’s is locked down for our branch users

Many thanks is advance


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what are you trying to do?

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Sounds like you need completely administered iPads and don't want any control at the branch level by the branch members. If that is the case, you should build them all at HQ and then ship them out fully working.

There is no other way, and certainly to get Apps on there you'll need to do that manually, and by using Apple's best practice with regards to Apple ID's purchasing, security, management etc.

I'd suggest you get a few iPads first in HQ and make it all work, and then determine how you'll get them out onsite. Also consider how you will manage them remotely and what you will do in case of unexpected circumstances. (loss, theft, breakage etc).

Good luck!

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Thank you for your comments and it is what i feared. Our current process is to bring all the Ipad’s back to HQ and update them on mass. Very tiresome stuff. For the moment it looks like that this will have to be our process. Apple have made the dissemination off apps through a corporate structure quite difficult.

If i get my way we'll sell them all when windows 8 appears for tablet appears. Get widows tablets and manage them as domain members via GPO's. But it may be hard to wrestle them out of people’s hands.

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Thanks for the information



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