Updating to iOS7 while enrolled in an MDM

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A handful of our 700 users have started upgrading their iPads to iOS7 (even though we've told them not to, but I'm not surprised).

These users are enrolled onto our MDM, and have various apps and restrictions enforced.

Some of these users have come back to report that "everything has disappeared" post upgrade. Including the enterprise app we've deployed and the MDM agent. Which means to me that the device has become unenrolled.

Some other users have actually updated their devices to iOS7 and their apps/restrictions have remained post update.

So what we're doing is either manually re-enrolling the devices if they're close enough to come into the office, or we're walking the users through it over the phone (which isn't easy).

We're doing some testing now to try and figure out what has happened to the first user, but what I'm wondering is how do others with large deployments of managed iOS devices handle such a significant OS upgrade?

In your experience, do you see this as a smooth transition, or are there common problems which occur?


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Hi, I think the first users

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I think the first users did a wipe > Upgrade + backup restore.

Then the MDM payload was removed.



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MDM - MobileIron

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I'm using MobileIron to control our companys iOS devices and if your MobileIron client on the devices is pre 5.7.3 they will be "retired" automatically.
The solution is to make sure all iOS users are having the latest version of the client before they do the update to iOS 7.

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Can you block the iOS7 update

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We have about 300 iPads in our district and I am not prepared to support iOS7 and deal with the many users who can not figure it out. My users are taking it upon themselves to install the update. These are supervised devices deployed using Apple Server. Does anyone know of a way to prevent existing deployed iOS devices from being able to update to iOS7?


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