What's the best MDM (in Germany)?

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we are a company with 150 blackberrys and 50 ipads. We are searching for a mdm for our global company. We have the solution airwatch and famoc but the support for airwatch is in germany very bad. The next hting is that famoc is good but the handling is very complex.

With famoc can we manage blackberrys and ipads.

What is the best solution currently?

MobileIron or an antohter MDM solution.

Thanks for your help

Kind regards

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you can take a look at

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you can take a look at www.maas360.com they do have german employees for sales, sales support and technical requests....

MDM Specialist

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Thank you for thinking of us

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Thank you for thinking of us @MDMSpezi

Andre, please take a look at our website de.maas360.com and reach back to me jharrington@fiberlink.com if you would like to be put in contact with one of our representatives in Germany!

John Harrington

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German MDM

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What exact functionality are you looking for? My experience with Blackberrry is that the BES Server does an outstanding job of managing the Blackberry environment. What do you want to accomplish on your iOS devices, and are the devices located at one location or scattered all over the place?

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Best MDM Solution Provider Worldwide

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KocharTech offers its Mobile Device Management solutions to Telcos, MVNOs & Enterprises. Its MDM is an integrated cloud based solution that provides protection to the corporate smartphones and tablets, all from a single easy to use console.

The key differentiators that streamline enterprise operations and increase value that mobility brings to business are:
>> Device Management
>> Application Management
>> Policy Management
>> Security Management
>> Data Analytics

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New French MDM

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We are getting a new MDM provider from France that has all ready big customers in France.
I have the same answer like German MDM, For BB'ry nothing will do the job better than BES.

If you're planning to switch those Blackberry's to iOS or Android, then we could be useful for you.



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Check Out This MDM Buyers Guide - It Could Help

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The link below will bring you to a free MDM Buyers Guide download that outlines some of the top MDM solutions providers and presents their features and capabilities. Most of the included companies operate world wide. Hope it helps.


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MDM is being transformed into EMM

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check out MobiDM as well. They use Afaria on the back end, but are an end to end Enterprise Mobility solution. MDM is actually being replaced with full service solutions(EMM). http://www.MobiDM.com

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Have a look at www.silverbackmdm.com.

The company originated in Australia but provides excellent service to worldwide. To illustrate ı am a customer from Turkiye.

Mehmet Akif Acar
MDM Admin and iOS Developer

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MDM Solution

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Dear Andre,

The EBF offers exactly what you need!

EBF is “Germany’s Mobile Competence Center” with business
connections to the leading international solution providers.

EBF Chooses for MDM at the market leader MobileIron.

The Mobile Device Management solution enables administrators to monitor
and administer the wide variety of smartphones and tablet computers running
popular operating systems such as Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone
and Symbian cost-effectively and securely from a single management interface.

Contact: www.ebf.de

Best regards


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MDM made in Germany

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In terms of solutions designed specifically for the German market, I believe ours is currently the only one now that a few others have been bought up by US companies: we are based in Germany and so our product TARMAC ( http://tower1.de ), is specifically designed to meet some of the specific needs of German companies. We have a large network of solution partners all across Germany who can offer on-site support, and our sales and support teams are all based at our headquarters in Munich. TARMAC is designed exclusively for iOS devices.


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Global Solution

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NotifyMDM (http://www.notifymdm.eu)
we can help you on any kind of Devices (including BBs) with BES, BIS or TCP...we just give you an activesync protocol on all of your BB devices.
we can help you managing all kind of devices in a smart,scalable and affordable way Wink
Just ping me if you wish to have a trial or a quick chat about this service!

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midpoints iOS.profiler

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If you're running IBM Domino for your iOS devices you should look at midpoints iOS.profiler (http://www.midpoints.de). Ping me for detailed information.

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Have you heard about

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Have you heard about zenprice? It is the most innovative and secure mobile device management solution, backed by the best customer service in the industry. Or you can refer to this site: http://solutions-review.com/mobile-device-management/mdm-buyers-guide-di...


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