Which Business Apps are integrated with MDM?

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Typically two kind of business Apps are in demand:
1. File sharing apps
2. Communication apps(email,chat)
3. Anti Virus/Anti Malware apps(lets not talk about iOS here)

Has anyone seen or worked on such kind of apps integrated with MDM specially for authentication purpose.
Also any MDM which provides AV too, and for all the platorms.

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T. Reid Lewis

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mobilEcho integrates with Good Dynamics

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Hi rohanparakh,

You asked "Which Business Apps are integrated with MDM?"

mobilEcho, the secure mobile file management solution for iPhone and iPad, integrates with the Good Dynamics platform that includes MDM and other valuable security features.

Read the announcement here:

Watch this brief video to see the integration in action:

Read more about Good Dynamics here:

If you have questions or to arrange a trial, write to mobilecho [at] grouplogic.com

- Reid

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Additional applications integrated with Good Dynamics

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For a complete listing of applications that either integrate or are in the process of integrating with Good Dynamics please check the following link: http://www1.good.com/partners/integration/good-dynamics-solutions

Giovanni ...

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Great alternative to MDM

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Though it doesn't fit in the tradition MDM category, I've heard really great things about ionGrid's Nexus (www.iongrid.com).

From their website I've gathered this:

  • User policy is based on Active Directory, so you can set up fine-grained security policies for users and groups, along with geo-fencing to track where your documents are accessed.
  • It connects to your SharePoint Servers too
  • Your documents looks exactly like they do on PCs... perfect! You can work with slides, data sheets, or technical manuals, without having to take any extra steps to get them to your iPad.

Hope that helps!


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Aaron Freimark

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Hey Ben. Read this:

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Ben, you forgot to mention that ionGrid Is your employer.

Last year I wrote about how NOT to promote your MDM solution. Please have a look.

Aaron Freimark, Enterprise iOS founder & GroundControl CEO

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EMM solutions integrated into MDM

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Your question is a little vague, but Bitzer Mobile is doing some interesting things around strong authentication and business apps. They have a solution that extends windows authentication to mobile devices for access to intranet, documents, and applications. Other players that have integrated into MDM solutions are 3LM, Airpatrol, Apperian, Box, Good Technology, Nitrodesk - Touchdown

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MObile Device Management

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Mobile Device Management with flexible deployment options like software licensing or managed service solution across all major mobile platforms available. For managed service configurations, MDM remotely supports mobile messaging and end user service desk support.

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Apps that covers Android and

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Apps that covers Android and Google Sync devices, which include iOS, Windows Phone, and other smartphones and tablets using Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync®.

With Mobile Management, you can manage your mobile fleet with the following features:
- Granular policies: Configure mobile settings at the organizational unit level
- Device activation: Control what devices can connect to your users' Google Apps data
- Device console: View all mobile devices in your domain connecting with Google Sync or Android Sync.

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Re:Which Business Apps are integrated with MDM?

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I used File Sharing Apps and for this purpose, I also suggest that mobilEcho is the best solution to secure file sharing in smartphones. I have used it in both iPhone and iPad.


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