Windows Domain password changed, but iOS wifi still works with old password

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We have the following network setup:
Windows 2003 & 2008 Domain, Exchange & AD servers.
Wireless running WPA2 Enterprise / 802.18, PEAP with AES across Cisco ISE with Certificate.

When a user is connected with an iPhone; pulling Exchange mail (with ActiveSync) & browsing the web changes his domain password on Windows based laptop/desktop, the iPhone Exchange email immediately prompts for a new password, but the wireless connection itself does not, it will after a reboot of device, re-enable of the wireless connection or fairly long extended period of time, this is obviously a security risk as outlined in post: - the reason for the new post is the difference in exchange mail prompting for new password, but wireless connection now.

Is this Apple iOS standard or is there a fix for this either on the Windows AD/Domain side or device config?

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This may helps you:

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This may helps you: (PEAP overview; section "PEAP fast reconnect")

and (Configure the TLS Handle Expiry Time on NPS Servers)


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