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Hope someone can help provide a clear understanding of all the components of iCloud and how they work together and can be managed.
I saw the new MDM API's, and get that you can restrict iCloud completly, Photo Stream, document, etc.

I'm trying to understand the key difference between the Storage and Backup, Documents and Data Sync, and the iCloud options appearing in all the newely revised apps.

My main concern is understanding where the different types of data go, and how (if at all) you can control it.
A few specific questions.
1) What exactly does turning off documents and data do?
2) If you have encrypted backup enabled in your MDM policy, does that apply to iCloud?
3) If an application prompts you to use iCloud and you say yes, does this override the Documents & Data control?
4) Anything else I should be worried about from an Enterprise perspective (I do like to worry)?


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