iOS 8 - Broke App Displaying Device Serial #

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Hello, we have been using an in-house app to help speed up the process of signing into iTunes & iCloud. We create iTunes and iCloud IDs based on the devices serial numbers.The app would copy the devices serial number + the rest of the email address.

We have noticed with iOS 8 it no longer will read the devices serial numbers at all! We have looked all over but cannot find a way to resolve this issue.

Is anyone aware of a way to get the devices serial number to display and copy with iOS 8 within an app? I know you can copy the serial numbers from the settings screen, but this app also included the rest of the email address so there was less typing to be done. When dealing with hundreds up to thousands of devices it does make a big difference and speeds up the process a lot to.

The app was still working in iOS 7, but does not work at all in 8.

Not sure if it is ok to post external links here, will post to the project in use if that is acceptable on this forum.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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