iOS 9 assign apps directly to a device

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Is anyone already testing how the new apps to devices in iOS 9 will work?

Is there any mdm already capable of this?

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I don't think you'll see this

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I don't think you'll see this in operation ahead of the release of iOS 9, other than through very limited beta tests because it's not just a matter of having iOS 9 and compatible MDM, but the apps themselves have to be updated by the developers in iTunes Connect to allow device licensing. Most developers will probably do so quickly though because it's to their advantage since it could result in selling more licenses.

Here at TabPilot, we plan to support the feature immediately upon the release of iOS 9. Our MDM is school-specific (includes teacher tools, etc.) so if you're with a school, check us out at

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Hi, We implemented the iOS 9

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We implemented the iOS 9 functionality in our MDM, also school-specific. Check us out at

Kind regards, John

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New Profile Manager

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It works with the new profile manager, even without App-Store Icon and without Apple-ID. Great feature.


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