iOS MDM profile renewal

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I was wondering whether anyone can explain what's meant to happen when a managed device's MDM profile is close to expiry.

Should it auto-renew somehow? I ask because in the past I've seen iOS show a Renew button (which never worked for us), and we're constantly getting cases where devices had expired management profiles and need to be re-enrolled (surely re-enrollment isn't how the whole renewal process has to work) .


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annual apns - apsp renewal of mdm certificate

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your vendor should have a renewal process and instructions on how to resign a certificate using the APNS (APSP) certificate with the same id as its from Apple will only work for 1 year and then you have to renew it before expiry or all devices will stop communicating and re-enrollment is needed. The idea is that you do this before so that the new one gets to communicate to the device under mdm control before it breaks.

edited: also, your devices mdm certificate will show expired after the server renewal expiry date, this is ok, the relationship is there , just ignore this on the device. it will be updated if re-enrollment occurs.

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iOS MDM profile renewal

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If you don't have a Renew Option then your APNS (Apple Push Notification Service) is inherited .... Either your in the wrong Group to be able to do this. APNS is always your responsibility to renew regardless if your using a cloud service or an on premise. I would check to see if your in the right group
If its not the APNS Certificate that needs renewing then I would check with the vendor as it may be a Licence MDM Cert




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