iOS update/upgrade behavior with supervised iOS devices

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We want to be able to supervise corporate-issued iOS devices via Apple Configurator but reduce/eliminate the need to re-tether the devices using an MDM product (MobileIron)

We have the day-to-day OTA configuration, policy enforcement, and app deployment processes addressed but we are not sure what happens when an iOS update becomes available on a supervised device.

Does an iOS update require a supervised device be re-tethered to the supervising Mac in order for the update to proceed? We've been unable to test since supervision via AC automatically updates the OS to the latest version and we don't have any devices that were placed under supervision prior to 8.1.2.


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We supervise our devices and

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We supervise our devices and leave it to the end user to update their iOS over the air at home. It does download faster through AC than OTA but there is no need to pull your devices back in for every update. We use a 3rd party MDM as well.


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