iTunes Accounts (Apple ID) personal or corporate e-mail address?

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I just set up profile manager and deployed iPads to our managers. I would like to know if there is a best practice for how users connect to iTunes and their Apple ID accounts either using personal email for new or existing Apple ID accounts, or have the users create new Apple ID accounts with their company e-mail? I can see benefits of both. Also, is their a way to tie in their corporate email to an existing account?



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iTunes Accounts (Apple ID) personal or corporate e-mail address?

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Hi Tim,
I deployed about 200 devices and created an apple ID for each using their corp email account. I did this originally to manage the app we were using for security. Since then, an update has remedied the need for apple id management (so to speak) and our users could essentially download the app with their own personal apple ID. We can prepay for apps with the Volume Purchasing Program via Apple and essentially push them to the device via a storefront. We are only continuing the madness of creating apple IDs with corp email because it is a standard we have in place and I am a creature of habit and consistency.

Cons to not allowing the user to use their own apple ID:
Sending out instructions to update apps or iOS (pre-5.0+) etc. gets very confusing for the end user since they have 2 apple IDs to keep up with.
At any given point our users will attempt to change the password thinking they are signed into their personal apple ID.
Once they change the password they begin downloading apps with that ID (which was set up for company use only) and adding their CC info to that apple ID.
Sometimes the user has already used their corp email as their "personal" apple ID. We ran into this and had to make adjustments.
Apple recently put out new security features (pick 3 questions and provide answers- provide back up email address) that make managing the "corp apple ID" very difficult.

Cons to allowing the user to use their own apple ID
If you don't have an MDM that allows you to push out apps at large volume you would need to provide the redemption code to your users or gift the codes. That really isn't a huge deal breaker.

That's my 2 cents worth. Hope it helps Smile

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There's no avoiding pain

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Users have every incentive to add their own Apple IDs to their devices. I'll bet nearly every user has purchased media on iTunes already on either a home computer or other iOS device. Many have iPhones, etc., and want to move their apps to the company device. There is no way to prevent users from doing this, at least that I know about.

What this means is that in most cases, users will need to juggle at least two (hopefully no more) Apple ID passwords. If you want to vote for a better way, Visit and file an enhancement request. (These votes actually work -- use them!)

Aaron Freimark, Enterprise iOS founder & GroundControl CEO


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