AppTrack is a Mobile Device ecosystem Management solution. Developed with the specific needs of K-12 and higher-ed mobile device deployments, it goes far beyond the traditional IT-centric management of devices, instead allowing teachers to have more direct control of their devices to aid in classroom management. AppTrack allows teachers to have fine-grained control over device options like the use of Safari, YouTube, the camera, FaceTime, GameCenter, etc. without having to bother IT or be knowledgeable about MDM. They can also "push" content like movies, PDF's, web-links, and other content to the student's devices on-demand.

AppTrack also has a robust and flexible work-flow system designed to allow teachers to discover and request apps directly through our interface. Once requested, the workflow ensures that all appropriate approvals are met and funding sources identified to ensure full audit-ability is maintained. AppTrack ties directly into Apple's Volume Purchase Program (VPP) to automatically retrieve and manage bulk license purchases, eliminating the need to keep track of downloaded spreadsheets and extra licenses.

AppTrack is 100% cloud-based. It requires no additional equipment or modification to your networks. All SCEP/identity-management is included eliminating the need for expensive 3rd-party solutions. All interaction with the software is done via a web browser so no additional client-side software needs to be installed or maintained, making an ideal solution for over-worked IT departments.

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