Apple Profile Manager

Apple Lion Server's Profile Manager provides mobile device management.


Profile Manager uses directory services and Apple Push Notification Service to provide configuration profiles to Mac OS X and iOS devices.

Unlike commercial MDM solutions, Apple does not require enrollment in the iDEP (iOS Developer Enterprise Program).

Apple's solution only supports iOS devices. There is no support for Android, Blackberry or Windows Mobile devices.


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To use Profile Manager as mobile device management server, your Mac must have a static Internet network address and cannot be on a closed network. iOS and Mac OS X Lion devices communicate with the server to obtain configuration profiles over the network.

After a device is enrolled with the server, it is called a managed device, and you can update its configuration as well as query its status using Profile Manager. Additionally, you can lock and wipe Mac OS X Lion computers and iOS devices. You can also clear the passcode on iOS devices, if its owner has forgotten their passcode.

Profile Manager's built-in user portal allows you to send new and updated configuration profiles created with Profile Manager to users after they enroll their devices.

NOTE: You can also distribute the XML configuration files by email, posting on a webpage, or via Apperian EASE.

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