BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10

BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10 (BES10) is the only solution you need for secure device, application and content management, with integrated security and connectivity, for BlackBerry®, iOS and Android™. Deploy, manage and control both corporate and BYOD device users through a simple unified console.

Perfectly balance end user and enterprise mobility needs without compromise.

Supports iOS 7: 
Windows Software: 
Mac Software: 
Unix Software: 
Virtual Machine: 
Recurring License: 
Perpetual License: 
Active Directory: 
Web Portal: 
Require Passcode: 
Open Directory: 
iOS App: 
Configuration Profile: 
Device Restrictions: 
Fail-Over Capability: 
Other LDAP: 
Start On Date: 
Load Balancing: 
Exchange Account Seeding: 
Device Enrollment Program (iOS 7): 
User/Pass Upload: 
End On Date: 
WiFi Configuration: 
VPN Info: 
Remote Wipe: 
Triggered by Inventory: 
Recommended App Catalog: 
Alert When Roaming: 
Alert When No Response: 
Remove Passcode: 
Push Web Apps: 
Device Status: 
Push Enterprise Apps: 
Alert on Forbidden App: 
Remote Lock: 
Allow custom XML: 
App Inventory: 
Push Text Message: 
Apple GSX: 
"Push" Retail Apps: 
Separate Managed and Unmanaged Data (iOS 7): 
Microsoft BPOS: 
Device History: 
Web-Based Administration: 
Per-App VPN (iOS 7): 
Push App Configuration (iOS 7): 
Other Helpdesk: 
Desktop-Based Administration: 
Pull App Feedback (iOS 7): 
iOS-Based Administration: 
App Wrapping Available: 
API or SDK for Administration: 
VPP Spreadsheet Upload: 
App Developer SDK Available: 
VPP Licensing Integration (iOS 7) : 
Reassign App License (iOS 7): 
Prevent Game Center: 
Prevent iMessage: 
App Lock (iOS 6): 
Global HTTP Proxy (iOS 6): 
Website White/Black-listing (iOS 7): 
Prevent Manual Profile Installation: 
Apple TV: 
Android (Samsung): 
Android (Nexus): 
Android (HTC): 
Android (Other): 
Windows Mobile: 
Windows Phone 7: 
Windows Desktops: 
Mac Desktops: 
Linux Desktops: 

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