BoxTone: The Leading Provider Of Mobile Device Management & Enterprise Mobility Management Software and Services Worldwide

BoxTone is a global Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Software and Services provider headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, USA. Our platform of enterprise-grade, plug-and-play software modules is used by more enterprises, public sector entities and managed service providers (MSPs) than any other to ensure that their iPhone, Pad, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone device platforms are continuously maintaining optimal services levels, at the lowest cost and risk.

Delivered by our EMM experts, BoxTone software uniquely brings proactive IT Service Management (ITSM) best practices together with Mobile Application Performance Management (MPM), Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile User Management technologies into a single unified management console.

Far beyond point-product MDM tools -- which are limited to the initial activation, provisioning, configuration and change tasks for a device -- BoxTone manages and supports the end-to-end mobile lifecycle, whether devices be corporate-owned or employee-owned.

Possessing a rare combination of ease of use, rapid time to value, broad functionality and rock-solid scalability, BoxTone's role-based software enables mobile IT operations, mobile IT support and mobile business management to deliver the high quality of service and reliable remote productivity that mobile users demand, but without the need for additional support staff or deep mobility expertise.

BoxTone modules can deploy to your NOC or data center in hours with no agents, no load and no risk, and then enable near instantaneous visibility to -- and optimization of -- your diverse mobile platform across all components including mail servers; mobility servers; wireless carriers; and your users' mobile devices.

The secret? The BoxTone Core Platform – a scalable, secure systems management platform built from the ground-up with patented real-time automation technology to monitor, analyze and control all aspects of your diverse mobile environment.

Our clients report hard-dollar benefits and a more trouble-free environment, including:

33% Lower Mobile TCO
25% Higher Mobile ROI
33% Higher Mobile Quality of Service
Organizations just like you around the world have made the move toward full lifecycle Enterprise Mobility Management with BoxTone.

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