Robot Cloud

Robot Cloud is built to augment your IT team with true plug-and-play functionality to manage all your Apple devices.

Robot Cloud is a hosted Mobile Device Management (MDM) server that runs on the Casper Suite platform. Robot Cloud is built and supported by Mac and iOS management veterans, Forget Computers. Contact us today to get started.

Every Robot Cloud instance includes Dashboard.

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Supports iOS 7: 
Supports iOS 8: 
Mac Software: 
Recurring License: 
12 x 5: 
12 x 7: 
24 x 7: 
Location-Specific Admins: 
Web Portal: 
Role-Based Admins: 
Active Directory: 
Open Directory: 
Require Passcode: 
Other LDAP: 
Device Restrictions: 
Configuration Profile: 
Exchange Account Seeding: 
Device Enrollment Program (iOS 7): 
WiFi Configuration: 
VPN Info: 
Alert When Roaming: 
Recommended App Catalog: 
Remote Wipe: 
Triggered by Inventory: 
Remove Passcode: 
Push Web Apps: 
Alert When No Response: 
Push Enterprise Apps: 
Device Status: 
Remote Lock: 
Alert on Forbidden App: 
Allow custom XML: 
"Push" Retail Apps: 
Push Text Message: 
Apple GSX: 
App Inventory: 
Separate Managed and Unmanaged Data (iOS 7): 
Device History: 
Web-Based Administration: 
Per-App VPN (iOS 7): 
Push App Configuration (iOS 7): 
Other Helpdesk: 
iOS-Based Administration: 
API or SDK for Administration: 
Always-On VPN (iOS 8): 
VPP Spreadsheet Upload: 
Prevent Erase (iOS 8): 
App Developer SDK Available: 
Prevent Handoff (iOS 8): 
VPP Licensing Integration (iOS 7) : 
Reassign App License (iOS 7): 
Managed Domains (iOS 8): 
Enterprise Book Distribution (iOS 8): 
Prevent Game Center: 
Prevent iMessage: 
App Lock (iOS 6): 
Global HTTP Proxy (iOS 6): 
Website White/Black-listing (iOS 7): 
Apple TV: 
Mac Desktops: 

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