iPad + Time Capsule (WebDav)

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Hi there!
Here's what I'd like to ask you, guys, about:
Is there a way to access files on a Time Capsule from iPad using WebDav from an app like Pages/Numbers/Keynote for iOS?
Could I access those files from outside of company's office using just Time Capsule's abilities (no additional VPN servers and stuff...)?
Is it possible to set access rights for different users so they could only access their files and create, say, one additional file storage for everybody?


About the security content of iOS 6.0.1 Software Update

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Detailed info here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5567

Enterprise iOS is Back!

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As you probably guessed, the hurricane knocked out our multiply-redundant data center. (OK, not so redundant. We learned something, right?)

But the power is back on 23rd Street in NYC. Thanks to Con Edison for working so hard, and to all the Tekserve employees for working by candlelight for these last few days. The energy poured into perseverance has been very impressive, but it's good to have light!

MDM solution for small education institution.

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I am a principal in a small education institution in Sydney Australia. We currently have 30 iPads to support our programs.

I am after a MDM solution that will do all the typical Apple Configurator stuff but will also allow the distribution of iBook Author files as well as music and video to the iPads. This is essential for now we are using our iPads.

Our funding is limited so I am after a MDM solution that is not expensive and does not have subscription or renewal fees etc. If it was just a piece of software like Configurator it would-be great.

Alternatively is there another way of getting .ibook files/video/photos onto the ipads once they are supervised?

Profiles not being Applied on Locked Device

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We are using a MDM, one that is listed to the right, to manage our iOS devices and I have ran into an issue with pushing profiles while the iOS devices are locked. I am able to ping the iOS device but when I push the profile, either a new one like a webclip or a change to an existing profile the device does not get the payload.

If I unlock the iOS device the policy does show up, I can ask the iOS client to check home and it connects, but the policy still doesn't show up. I have to push the policy AGAIN and then the profile is successfully pushed down to the device. This has left me in a quandary about my MDM. All of our devices are on 5.1.1, we did a proof of concept last year on iOS 4.35 and this was not an issue.

My MDM provider states this is the effect of iOS 5 and that Apple has changed this policy and there is nothing they can do to modify this behavior.

Any MDM user out there experiencing the same thing? I can't believe all my iOS device have to be unlock to manage them.

Bind iOS Device to Profile Manager using Apple Configurator

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Hi everybody!
Is it possible to bind multiple iOS devices to an existing Profile Manager using Apple Configurator? Which profiles should I install? The trick is to perform an initial out-of-the-box set up for a lot of devices using Configurator and then manage them via Profile Manager.

Using MobileIron for push notifications in our Enterprise app?

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Hi all,

I am an iOS developer starting a new project for one of our Enterprise customers. The iOS app will need to get Apple push notifications to notify the users of an event. This project will also have a significant server-side admin web app of its own to schedule these events for users in separate groups.

My IT contact with the customer sent me the following question. I'm only generally familiar with MobileIron and its capabilities.

"We have installed Mobile Iron to support our field staff mobile devices. Will we be able to use it for the push notifications for this app?"

I suspect that the answer is NO, for the following reasons:

  1. There is no REST or Javascript API that would allow our admin web app to schedule push notifications through MobileIron.
  2. The notifications would be received by the MobileIron MyPhone@Work app and not our own app and thus our app could not act on the notification.

Are my suspicions correct? Is it possible to leverage their investment in MobileIron in any way for this project other than for deployment?

Thanks in advance for any insights and information...

Most silent way to update app?

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I have a number of iPads that are enrolled to my OSX MDM server and Profile Manager. The iPads are non-personal devices placed in public office areas, mounted in iPads stands. My question is, what is the easiest way to update an app that is already installed to the latest version? Is there a way of doing this without user interaction? The app is in the App Store.

The devices are currently running iOS 5.1.1. My OS X Server is on Mountain Lion with Profile Manager 2.


Enterprise IT Adoption Cycle, Visualized

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I came across this great chart on Brian Katz's blog. I'm sure more than a few of you will appreciate it.

Apple Configurator 1.2 adds support for iOS 6, Active Directory, Apple TV

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Apple Configurator is gaining prominence as Apple's preferred iOS management utility. The latest version adds a wide array of improvements. From the release notes:

Apple Configurator 1.2 is a recommended update for all Apple Configurator users. This update is available from the Mac App Store, via the Updates tab.

What's new in version 1.2?

This update improves overall stability and performance, and includes the following:

  • Support for new iOS 6 features (Lock to App and Global HTTP Proxy) on supervised iOS devices
  • Support for these new iOS 6 restrictions on a supervised device:
  • Allow the removal of apps from the device
  • Allow use of iMessage
  • Allow access to iBookstore or the purchase of books classified as "Erotica" from iBookstore
  • Allow filtering of profanity for Siri
  • Allow use of Game Center
  • Allow the installation of new configuration profiles
  • Improved reliability when activating a new iPhone or iPad with Wi-Fi + Cellular
  • The last settings used on the Prepare pane are retained when Apple Configurator is quit and relaunched
  • Improved ability to update or restore devices that are currently in recovery mode
  • Members of Active Directory groups are now shown in the Assign pane
  • Paid apps from the App Store can now be installed in the Prepare pane only when a device is being supervised
  • Support for configuring advanced network options on Apple TV

Is there a way to configure iOS device to revert on reboot?

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Hi everybody!
Is there a way to configure iPad/iPhone so it'd revert back to what's installed on it and what's in it's configuration profile, every time it reboots erasing all the data user has entered? It's about renting iPad for small hotels' customers.
Reminds me of an Apple iOS Demo Content, but is there a way to make such a setup manually with the tools available for everybody?

What has @rsaeks (and me) excited about iOS 6?

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Over at techrecess.com, Randall Saeks listed what excited him about iOS 6. It is what I would have written, had I had the time. His #2 is an especially big game changer.

If he is missing one feature, it is Do Not Disturb. Don't worry; Ars Technica has that covered.

iPhone Configuration Utility for Windows 3.6

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This week Apple updated iPCU for Windows to V3.6, but iPCU for OS X is still at V3.5. I cannot locate release notes for 3.6 so I don't know exactly what has changed.

However, there is now a new field in the General payload called "Consent Message," and has a description "Brief message that will be displayed during profile installation."

I tried this with our MDM solution, on an iOS 6 device, but the message was not displayed.

Does anyone know of any other changes in iPCU 3.6?

Poll: What do you think of iOS 6 Maps?

I love it. Better than Google.
14% (32 votes)
Whatever. About the same as before.
9% (22 votes)
It's worse. But I think it will get better with time, and I'm not panicking.
47% (110 votes)
OMG. How could Apple have shipped this? Panic!
31% (72 votes)
Total votes: 236

My head hurts: Updated Apple TV works with Apple Configurator

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Apple today updated the software for its iOS-powered Apple TV. The update brings the software to "5.1," and is available through the Apple TV Settings menu.

In addition to shared photo streams, AirPlay out, icon repositioning, and subtitles, the update allows for "advanced network configurations" using configuration profiles. There is a knowledge base article on installing the configurations using Apple Configurator. I suppose this could be used to deploy dozens of Apple TVs within a large school or company. Or maybe it could provide access to restrictions and hidden features?

This addition continues to raise the profile of Configurator, if ever so slightly. The tool is clearly becoming Apple's go-to solution for iOS deployment.

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