Ready, Set, ... iOS 6 Available at 1 PM Eastern Time, 10 AM Pacific

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Fortune's Philip Elmer-DeWitt says iOS 6 will be available at 1 PM Eastern Time (US), 10 AM Pacific. The free update should be available over the air, from Settings > General > Software Update. Even if you don't rush to update, expect your device to prompt you within the next day or so.

Using MDM queries, you ought to be able to chart upgrades of your users. Are any Enterprise iOS readers willing to collect and share this data? That could be one mighty interesting chart.

(via TUAW)

Copies in iBooks - how to eliminate them?

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Hi Im not a developer,but gradually becoming one Smile in my seemingly impossible quest to discover whether its posible to delete an ibook from ibooks remotely.

The problem: clients want to make in-house ibooks documents and then using MDM, make them available to a group of "in-house" ipads (which will be geographically separated).

This is easy. They then want to be able to ensure that users have the latest and ONLY the latest ibooks on their ipads - which would necessitate having the ability to DELETE ibooks from the ibooks library on the ipad, as all forms of MDM seem to leave a copy in ibooks, which is not just undesireable in this case but actually potentially illegal (medical information).

So far none of the MDM providers I have consulted can offer this functionality which leads me to my question: is it actually possible at all?

I will patiently await your collective beneficence and wisdom...

End User Agreement

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We are mulling what should go into an end user agreement/acceptable use policy that users will have to agree to to be enrolled in MDM. Would anyone be willing to share your policy/agreements (thoroughly scrubbed for corporate specific information) here? Just looking for some boiler plate content; curious to see if they use more legal verbiage or if they are more in 'plain English'.


Best iPad app for slide sharing & collaboration?

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I'm looking for an app to mediate meetings and presentations. I haven't done much research yet, but thought the Enterprise iOS community may be a great place to start. The features I have in mind are:

  • slides from presenter's iPad display on projector and also on attendees' iPads. Old slides may be reviewed during presentation. But new slides not revealed in advance.
  • slides can be annotated by attendees (but annotations not shared) and saved for later
  • attendees can share contact information with other attendees
  • questions may be submitted to the presenter
  • groups set up via bonjour with option of a simple remote access (like a PIN code)

Any suggestions and mini-reviews?

Mobileiron certificate distribution for citrix reciver

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Hi , we are just starting deployment after having bought mobileiron. We have a requirement from itsec of 2 factor authentication for external ios devices , one being windows credentials and nr 2 being a certificate
We can generate easily a certificate via scep tied to the user automatically via mobileiron. And distribute it to the ipads as an user certificate. The mdm acts here as a proxy for the ca.
The problem is the citrix receiver app will not pick up a certificate saved on the device. the only way to get the certificate is to fill in an url within the citrix receiver app.
I think it should be possible for the program to pick up the certificate from the mdm.
Does anyone have experience with such a setup?

Apple VPP now available in other countries (including Australia)

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Not before time. Fantastic news.

Anyone using Silverback MDM?

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What do you guys think of this product? anyone used it or is looking into it?


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Apple's Unique Device Identifier, or UDID, is an alphanumeric string uniquely identifying each Apple iOS device. According to, the UDID is calculated based on unique hardware properties:

UDID = SHA1(Serial Number + ECID + LOWERCASE(WiFi Address) + LOWERCASE(Bluetooth Address))

As discussed in a paper by Eric Smith, hardware-locked device identifiers can be used to "track" a user across various sites and services. They are therefore considered a bad idea.

Apple deprecated developer access to UDIDs in iOS 5, and is removing access in iOS 6.

On September 4, 2012, the hacker group AntiSec released a file containing UDIDs, APNS keys, and device names for 1,000,001 iOS devices. AntiSec says these were liberated from an FBI laptop, and the original file contained around 12 million devices and personal information. (TheNextWeb has a tool for checking if your device is in the leaked list.)

How to restrict Viber?

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Most of you are probably aware the security concerns about Viber (and WhatsApp, and who knows what else), regarding contacts and call logs (e.g. this and this). But regardless of this, users love these apps, and honestly, I installed it too on my iPhone when it came out earlier.
The question is simple: how do you prevent your users using these apps, without completely blocking the whole AppStore on their devices? Because, as far as I know, it is not possible to prevent the user to install any single app, it is only possible to turn off the whole AppStore via the restriction profiles. I don't think they would like that, and their rage would be completely understandable.
Our MDM solution raises alerts about blacklisted apps on iOS (and it even blocks them on android), but by the time you call the user and ask them to uninstall Viber - because do you have any other choice? - it will have already uploaded all the data you wanted to prevent to be uploaded.

Any solution or idea would be appreciated.

Apple Configurator 1.1.2 fixes one bug; Tech Recess on Configurator backups

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According to the brief release notes:

  • Fixes an issue that could prevent Apple Configurator v1.1.1 from opening.

Download the update from the Mac App Store.

Also today, Randy from the edh tech site Tech Recess has posted a new video in his series on using Configurator. This one is all about creating Configurator backup images.

Shared Apple TVs in a big office building

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We would like to deploy some Apple TVs in our building for meetings and presentations. First, only in top managers' meeting rooms, but later maybe in much more meeting rooms.
Honestly, we did not find a good solution how to solve the access to them. As you probably now, if an Apple TV is not password protected and is available on the network, anybody can connect to it, kicking out the previous presenter. If multiple users know the password, they also can kick out each other. We came up with multiple ideas, but each of them has it's own issues.

  1. If we simply leave them freely available on the main network/wifi, then anybody can connect to any of them from anywhere, which is problematic at least, even if assume that the users are benign, ie. they will only connect if they are presenting, since they might select the wrong one. Also problematic, if you have to select the right one from 30 Apple TVs.
  2. If we would create a separate network for them, then the users would have to connect to a different wifi every time, and most probably, they would forget to connect back to the main one, so that we are back at the first solution.
  3. If we make the AppleTVs available on the main network, but protect them with a password, then it would only protect them until some users save those passwords in their devices, than we are again almost back to the first solution.
  4. Creating a separate network for each of the Apple TVs is rather a lot of work, might require some infrastructure investments too (since our APs already provide a lot of SSIDs), and there is the problem again with switching wifi before connecting to the Apple TV.

Any better idea than these? (It might be relevant that we do not use Macs officially, only some users did buy them, but we do have more and more iOs devices.)

iPad not mobile enough? Give yours a pair of robotic wheels.

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iPad-based teleprescence by Double Robotics. Bring your own iPad. (Sold out through 2013.)

Best Practices for Vetting In-House Apps?

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I am looking into the details of the enterprise iOS developer program and was wondering if anyone has any experience with it here.

What I am interested in learning about, for the moment, is the distribution of in-house apps. Specifically, what procedures do you follow to vet the apps that go into your in-house app store? Are there any good, public, resources out there that discuss this topic as to what tests / procedures to follow to make sure an app being placed in the App Store, for example, doesn't use any private APIs, does not send data when it also claims it won't, etc...?

Thank you.

Sandboxed email

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I do not understand one parameter in mdm comparison list. iOS5 features – sandboxed email.
I can not find on any mdm (except Goods, Excitor that offer sandboxed solutions) site info about such a feature. Probably I misunderstand this feature due to my lack of knowledge of iOS. Could somebody explain me what is ment by sandboxed email?

Locking iOS device name

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Is there a way to lock an iOS device name so it cannot be changed?

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