Adhoc Distribution - how to encrypt the binary?

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When deploying to the Appstore, the published applications are encrypted using Apple's binary encryption scheme. How can i use this for enterprise deployment?

iPad Editing Concept

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I thought this was a cool concept — and presentation — of how text editing could be different on an iPad.

It is a reminder of how the platform is so new, and has much room to grow.

My Enterprise/Education iOS Wish List

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I wrote a blog post: here that I will repost:

With iOS 6 likely to be announced in a few weeks, I thought I’d explain my wish list from an education/enterprise perspective. Apple has quietly beefed up what mobile device management systems can do with each version of iOS (a lot of new things in iOS 5).

1. The ability to disable automatic Software Update (or require passcode to download)
While I love the ability to do over the air iOS updates, I also want to control when it happens. I don’t want a student to be able to install an update that I have not tested with our mission critical applications.

2. Install apps wirelessly with volume purchase program codes with no interaction from end user
While a lot of MDM providers have the ability to push apps to devices, they still require the end user to enter an iTunes password. I want to be able to silently install (and update) applications without an end user having to do anything.

3. Google Apps style iCloud account creation
While I love iCloud for personal use, it is tough use to use in an education/enterprise setup. The users either have to create their own account (most won’t do it) or I have to do it and then I will be responsible for keeping up with their information. Google Apps gives me all the benefits of a Google account while also being able to have control (set permissions, reset passwords, etc). I would love to be able to do this for iCloud

4. Require pass code to enter (or a toggle switch to turn off each setting individually)
This has become an issue with students using school owned iPads (cart scenario). Some of the students have found their way into the universal access section and changed some of those settings. I’d prefer to be able to lock them out of in general. Apple currently allows me to lock down Mail, Twitter, and iCloud.

Considering MDM? Compare 30 MDM vendors online and off with our community-generated chart.

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Whether you BYOD or not, Mobile Device Management is a crucial tool for managing iOS in the enterprise. And if you are doing research, our own Comparison of MDM Providers is one of the best resources we know of. The community-generated chart now lists 30 providers, and compares them by dozens of features. And today we added the ability to peruse offline with a PDF download.

We've gotten close to 100,000 views of the comparison, and as you can tell we're pretty proud of it. It is the result of an ongoing community project with dozens of contributors. Sign in with an account, and you can help improve each vendor's information.

Apple Configurator + VPP + Apps that Go Free For A Day

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I spoke with Apple today regarding how apps that have a temporary price reduction of free affects Apple Configurator. Here was the response I got:

Apple Configurator checks to see if the app is free at the moment you import the app into Apple Configurator. If a free app is imported and Apple Configurator finds that it is no longer free, you will be required to import VPP app codes for it. If the app is still free as you import it then it stays free forever on that particular computer. Each computer does this check independently.

Apple releases iOS 5.1.1

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Apple has released iOS 5.1.1. Tap Settings > General > Software Update or connect to iTunes to install.

This update contains improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Improves reliability of using HDR option for photos taken using the Lock Screen shortcut
  • Addresses bugs that could prevent the new iPad from switching between 2G and 3G networks
  • Fixes bugs that affected AirPlay video playback in some circumstances
  • Improved reliability for syncing Safari bookmarks and Reading List
  • Fixes an issue where 'Unable to purchase' alert could be displayed after successful purchase

What is the future role of the enterprise architect?

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In this interesting opinion piece, the folks at GigaOM present an interesting and provocative vision of the future role of enterprise IT in an era of could computing.

See the article here:

I'd be curious to hear the reaction to this hypothesis by folks who are enterprise IT professionals.

- Reid

WWDC Tickets On Sale. Sold Out.

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Well, that was quick.

Ticket's for Apple's annual Developer Conference went on sale this morning, and promptly sold out. It took less than two hours.

The conference is the only opportunity for most of us to interact with Apple engineers face to face. Although there used to be a track for systems administrators, the conference has increasingly focused on app development, for both iOS and Mac. And with the extremely short window for ticket purchases, it's unlikely that many business types got approval in time.

So did you get tickets? Let us know in the comments.

iOS Device Tracking

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Hello All!

Does anyone know of a MDM solution that physically tracks iOS devices in real-time? So far the best things I have found are the tracking methods used by Apple's Find My Device and Air-Watch.

Also, does anyone know if there is a way to track these devices but prevent the user from clearing the settings that allows this tracking method?

Maybe a little background information would help describe what I am looking for. Our company wants to deploy some iPads but wants to be able to know where the device is at all times.

Any help is greatly appreciated and would love to hear how others are tracking/locking down their devices.

Programatically installing enterprise Apps

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I'm currently working at a company which is thinking about getting an enterprise app store. They asked me to build an little Proof of Concept to see how things could be working. I have already some basic ideas about the processes that need to be out in place and so on. But since I've never done mobile App development I'm a little stuck. I'm currently searching the internet for information about how to install Enterprise Apps but all i find is how to do it by using iTunes.

I need a solution in which i can install mobile Apps programatically over a web site. Or Over one App that is installed on the device (initial app could be installed over iTunes)... Does anyone of you have any information about the installation procedure and would share it. Or does maybe anyone have some good links to online resources or could point me in the right direction.

Thanks a lot

Apps no longer run in background?

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Received notification from my MDM that Apple changed their policy and third party apps will no longer run in the background. This means my devices will no longer sync to my MDM server. How is everyone dealing with this?

Pushing Corporate Forms to an iPad

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Hello everyone!

I am new to this forum, but hoping that someone on here can give me some guidance.

I have about Foreman that are in the field with Toughbooks. They only use them for email and filling in forms (Adobe and Excel). I would like to implement Company owned iPads to replace the Toughbooks.

I need them to be able to store the blank forms on the iPad, open them up, fill out the various forms and email them back to the office.

Currently on the Toughbooks I have a VB menu that they can select the form, manual, etc and open them. The forms then have VB or JavaScript that attaches them to an email and sends to the correct accounts in the office.

I want to mirror that on the iPad and I am at a loss.

I have looked at Airwatch, NotifyMDM, DropBox, CloudOn, Apple Configurator, etc. and not sure what combination of apps will get me in the correct direction.

Any ideas???

Apple Configurator updated; Learns new VPP tricks

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Apple Configurator, Apple's free utility for deploying and managing small fleets of iOS devices, has been updated to version 1.0.1. The update is available in the Mac App Store. The utility now has the ability to re-use codes for apps purchased through Apple's Volume Purchase Program. Other tricks, from the announcement, include:

  • Enterprise apps packaged as .ipa files are imported and installed correctly.
  • Redemption codes for apps that contain a comma in their title can now be imported.
  • A redemption code may be reused to install an app on another device if the original device is unsupervised and erased by Apple Configurator, or if the app’s installation did not complete on the original device.
  • The redemption code used to purchase an app in iTunes may also be used to install the app on one device with Apple Configurator.
  • The number of redemption codes remaining for an app is now displayed correctly.
  • Notes and bookmarks entered into iBooks and iTunes U are deleted when a backup is restored to a supervised device.
  • The WPA2 password is saved when editing a Wi-Fi profile payload.
  • The name of a stored backup is saved when edited.
  • The storage capacity of an 8 GB iPod touch is now displayed correctly.
  • The “Erase all contents and settings” checkbox on the Prepare pane has been relabeled “Erase before installing”.

Be sure to also see our updated guide to Apple Configurator vs. MDM, showing how the two technologies complement and contrast.

iTunes Accounts (Apple ID) personal or corporate e-mail address?

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I just set up profile manager and deployed iPads to our managers. I would like to know if there is a best practice for how users connect to iTunes and their Apple ID accounts either using personal email for new or existing Apple ID accounts, or have the users create new Apple ID accounts with their company e-mail? I can see benefits of both. Also, is their a way to tie in their corporate email to an existing account?



JAMF integrates Casper Suite MDM with Apple Configurator. Will others follow?

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MDM maker JAMF Software has published instructions on using Apple Configurator to mass-deploy Casper Suite. (PDF link.)

The technique is straightforward. Configurator can install mobileconfig profiles as part of its deployment scripts. These are XML files that instruct iOS to set up particular network configurations, credentials, or restrictions. Automatic MDM enrollment is acomplished by creating two profiles:

  1. connect the initial WiFi network
  2. enroll to Casper MDM server address.

Casper helpfully includes a function to generate this second profile.

We've noted before that Configurator and MDM can coexist beautifully. Kudos to the folks ar JAMF Software for seeing things the same way.

We hope other leading MDM providers will follow with similar instructions. We also look forward to further improvements to come to Configurator, specifically a way to assign devices to MDM users.

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