The Weekly EiOS 12.3.2010

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In When the iPad Is the Only Computer Your Employees Need—or Want, Bloomberg BusinessWeek understands the tension iPad bring to business:


There is a hint of freedom in this view of the future—a secret thrill in having a way, finally, to escape the shackles of corporate technology policy. However, from a business standpoint, the presence of consumer technologies in the enterprise, and the increasing inclination of workers to "go rogue," are not unqualified pluses—by a long shot.

ZDNet writes about New York's Long Island University deployment of 6,000 iPads. The article links to a very interesting spreadsheet of iPad Pilots, and observes "Apple doesn’t give God discounts."

Also, JPMorgan is giving iPads to its investment bankers, and Old Navy begins piloting iPod Point of Sale. (We think they are piloting Global Bay, not some Apple-designed software.) AppleInsider reviews the state of POS on iOS. NetworkWorld prints a case study of how RehabCare uses its 9,000 iOS devices.

More discussion on Apple poaching RIM salespeople, including Geoff Perfect, former RIM head of strategic sales.

Jamf Software released Casper 8, which include Mobile Device Management features.

Finally, Computerworld shares a list of iPad apps for business. Sybase evangelist Ian Thain shares his thoughts on must-have features of iPad enterprise apps. (Consider submitting these to our — anemic — list of Business App Reviews!)


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SonicWALL is a manufacturer of firewalls, VPN concentrators, SSLVPN devices, and the like. The following was created on my NSA 3500 running SonicOS Enhanced

The built-in SonicWALL GroupVPN policy may be set up to allow connections from iOS devices. Unlike Cisco VPN and Juniper VPN devices, however, these cannot be configured to use certificate authentication, and cannot be configured for on-demand VPN access. However, for customers with existing SonicWALL infrastructure, this can be useful information.

To configure, we need to do the following steps:

  1. Set up the L2TP server
  2. Create a group with VPN access
  3. Assign users to this group
  4. Modify the built-in GroupVPN policy for iOS

Comparison of MDM Providers

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This table is the beginning of a comparison among the various Mobile Device Management providers. Please suggest other characteristics to compare. The easiest way to add additional MDM providers is to register on this site then add them yourself!.

More Resources: See also our pages on Sandbox Environments and Mobile Application Management for alternatives and complements to MDM. you may also find our page on Apple Configurator vs. MDM helpful.

15 Oct 2013: Constantine Firun has created an Excel version of the chart.

Legend: Yes (has this feature) / No (does not have this feature) / Coming Soon

TUAW interviews SAP CIO on iPads in Enterprise

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TUAW has a long interview with SAP CIO Oliver Bussmann on iPads in enterprise. SAP now has over 2,000 iPads in use by their employees.

Updated Apple Enterprise Resources on Developer Site

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Apple has a number of updated guides for business deployment in their development reference library. No developer account is necessary to view these.

Welcome to Enterprise iOS!

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I was going to use the tag line "Help for oxymorons," but I was afraid you'd find that insulting.

But an apparent contradiction it is: commodity devices from a consumer company penetrating a huge number of the world's largest businesses.

And right at the intersection of IT standards and user expectations is...a tremendous abyss.

As IT professionals, we can't manage these devices the old way. How would you deploy 50, 500 or 1,000 iPads? How do you update intranet apps to run on the new devices? VPN? Certificates? Policies?

Welcome to the neighborhood. Enterprise iOS is a community of IT Pros working to integrate the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. We've set up a blog (for news), forums (Q&A), and a wiki (for resources and best practices). We're going to keep the marketing to a minimum and focus on the technical. We're not going to have ads.

I encourage your contributions: posts, corrections, questions, answers. Welcome!

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Comparison of MDM Providers

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