Mix-and-match MDM and container vendors

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Does anyone know if you can mix and match a best-of-breed MDM solution with a "container" product like Good? If, for example, you like the MDM features of Airwatch, but want to take advantage of the sandboxing features of Good, can you deploy those without using Good for MDM, and use Airwatch instead? I don't know if Good would require that you load an MDM profile on the IOS device, or if you can have more than one loaded.

TechRecess: Supervising Devices with Apple Configurator

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Randy Saeks has posted his second installment on Apple Configurator. Here's the video (but his site is work visiting for his introduction).

How (not) to promote your MDM solution

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Attention all MDM marketing interns. Congratulations!

It seems like only yesterday when you were fetching Starbucks for the boss. But today you've given an awesome responsibility: you're to promote your flagship product on the web. Trust me, the boss has given you this task only because he really trusts you. This is your BIG SHOT! Not only that, but you've discovered Enterprise iOS, a site like no other, and this is going to be a HUGE win for your company. Between you and me, your boss hasn't heard of this site, and will be so PROUD when he finds out!!

But wait! What to post?

Let's see. It is a technical community of professionals, and the readers would really appreciate deep knowledge and insight into this new industry. You could get the product manager to write some content, create some clean visuals to accompany the piece, and make sure it is all clearly branded. That would show your company's thought leadership in the field.

Nah, too much work. And you don't understand that geek speak anyway.

Much easier to pretend you're a customer, and talk about how your company in the third person. Yeah.

Sure, it is sleazy, and displays a stunning lack of confidence in your employer and their technology. But only if we find out, right?

TechRecess: First look video of Apple Configurator

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Randy Saeks has posted a fantastic First look at Apple Configurator on his edutech blog TechRecess.

He'll be posting more in this series in the next few days, and we'll be sure to link.

iPhone Configuration Utility updated to 3.5

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Apple has updated its iPhone Configuration Utility to version 3.5. We haven't yet found release notes for this version. But a glance show the following changes:

New Restrictions

  • Allow Siri
  • Allow Siri while device locked
  • Allow voice dialing
  • Force user to enter iTunes Store password for all purchases
  • Allow Photo Stream
  • Allow diagnostic data to be sent to Apple

New VPN Types

  • SonicWALL Mobile Connect
  • Aruba VIA

There may be more. We'll post when we figure it out! Expect these settings to come to an MDM Provider near you soon.

Apple Releases Apple Configurator App

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As part of the new iPad announcement, Apple sent a message to resellers about an "Apple Configurator App":

Apple Configurator makes it easy for anyone to use a Mac to mass configure and deploy iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch in a school, business, or institution.

Apple Configurator can be used to quickly and easily configure up to 30 devices at a time with the latest version of iOS, device settings (such as user accounts), security policies, and Wi-Fi settings, as well as apps and data.

A First Look will be available in March.

However, the same email says "Now available as a free download on the Mac App Store." We'll post an update when we know more.

Update: User Pyby found it on the app store at this link. We'll take a closer look and post more very soon.

Apple announces the new iPad — HD display, 4G data, Siri dictation

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Apple today announced a new iPad, available March 16. The device (in Apple's fashion named simply "iPad") costs the same as the current iPad 2. Key features include:

  • A new 2048 x 1536 display, with four times the pixels of the current iPad
  • 4G LTE data, over multiple carriers
  • Hotspot capability (if allowed by carrier)
  • Siri dictation, as an alternative to keyboard input
  • 10 hours of battery life, 9 hours when on LTE
  • Quad-core A4X processor

The iPad 2 will remain available at a discount: $399 for the 16GB WiFi model, and $529 for the 16GB 3G.

Apple also announced iOS 5.1, which should be available today, over the air.

We'll add more when we know more. Please post comments and observations below.

Using MobileIron in a managed scenario (no self-service)

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Hi everybody !

I have a case to share with you.

The situation is the following. iPads are supposed to serve for kiosk activites. The users should not have to deal with an Apple ID, the App Store... They will only use in-house apps regularly pushed to the devices by the MDM (users only have to accept the installation).

I have two questions in such a situation.

As soon as no App Store apps should be installed on the devices, what about the MobileIron MyPhone@Work app ? Is it possible to bypass it (to not install it) and only use the Web portal to enroll the devices.

The idea is to deliver the iPads ready to use. So the iPads are supposed to be enrolled at the main location, then sent to the users locations. My problem is that if they opt-out, they will have to enroll them again. At the main location, it would be quicker to use the same account to do the enrollment... don't know if it's a bad idea. If the user opts-out, one solution would be for him to contact the support who would give back a "maintenance" username/password to re-enroll.

I'm ok with the idea that these problems would not exist in self-service situation.

Hoping that someone of the forum would like to share experience !

Best regards.

Android MDM Agent Administration Problem

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I'm working on an MDM project and comparing, nearly all of them, MDM softwares. I have a problem that couldn't be solved by any of MDMs. Is there any MDM which restricts force stop or uninstall the agent from android device. I want to learn if any of MDMs make this possible or not.

Is it possible to push appstore applications using the IPCU configuration profiles?

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I know that it is possible to invoke appstore application installs on a remote device using any of the MDM providers. From what I understand, the MDM api just pushes a configuration profile to allow this remote app installation. So, the question is, is there any documentation of what that XML config looks like?

I want to be able create an XML mobileconfig file and e-mail it to iOS devices for app installation. We don't have an MDM solution yet, and just want to do this in the interim. I know it's possible to send out a link to the iTunes application but, it would be nice to bundle everything (wifi settings etc.)into one mobileconfig profile.

Open source MDM vs commercialized MDM

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Hi All,

I noticed there is an open source MDM system named Funambol. Has anybody evaluated this system against other commercialized MDM system, or have experience in using it? Would appreciate any knowledge sharing on this here.


Data-focused App Development for the iPad Best Practices: A Kaplan Case Study

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How can textbooks on the iPad revolutionize learning? Kaplan provides study guides and tutoring for standardized tests such as the SAT, LSAT, and GRE. Kaplan set out to digitize their study guides and found out that data on how your students read can revolutionize your product development. Maureen McMahon and Jeff Olson from Kaplan presented a case study in mobile content delivery and data-focused product development at O'Reilly's Tools of Change Publishing Conference in New York City.

Start With Studying Your Users

Before digitizing their first book, the first step Kaplan took was to study their existing customers. They knew they were the leading publisher in the space but had to study if their customers wanted digital books. They surveyed their students on which tablet they owned or were planning to purchase. They also started an ethnographic study of how students were using Kaplan's paper books. In talking to students about their studying habits and taking photos of how students highlighted the print, they discovered what students did with their books.

 Why Students Liked Paper Books

  • Need for tangibility & token of ownership: If it is physically in my life, I'm more likely to study.
  • Make markings/highlights to sustain attention: Some students highlighted almost the entire book.
  • Make markings as proof to self of completion: Even if they didn't read it throughly, they liked to mark the sections they had read through.
  • Keep markings as future study aid: Occasionally students would reference sections they've highlighted but much less often than Kaplan thought.
  • Make visual memory of content on page: Some students with a visual memory needed the colored highlight to remember materials ("that section was in blue").

"Everything You Can Do On Paper And More"

Kaplan decided that their goal was to take everything students could do with the print edition and surpass it on mobile devices. This included:

  • Multi-colored highlighting
  • Take Quizzes With Instant Feedback on Answers
  • Add Written Notes
  • Record Audio Notes
  • Sophisticated Search
  • Video of Professors Teaching Sections

Kaplan's First iPhone App Release

Kaplan outsourced book conversion and licensed a reader from Bluefire, which was compatible with Adobe software. They learned that their books were incredibly complex to convert and are bringing that process in house. They used technology from MarkLogic for distribution and data collection.

The reaction to the original iPod touch/iPhone App (released before the iPad came out) was not overwhelmingly positive. By asking their users for feedback, they learned a lot about the strengths and weaknesses of their assumptions. They decided to scale back their goals to the competitive advantage of eBooks – paper books are heavy. Their MCAT book set weighs 10.5 pounds whereas the iPad weighs only 1.3 pounds.

Study Your Users Even More

Kaplan moved to an agile development method. They gave away the digital book with the print edition so they could collect a lot of usage data and quickly iterate development. As of today, Kaplan is iPad only and hasn't gone back to the iPhone App format since their first release.

According to Kaplan's survey, 70% of the students had not used electronic textbooks in their high school and college coursework. Of the ones who had used digital textbooks, only 15% of early adopters had an excellent experience. More students have taken an online course (46%) than used electronic textbooks. When you ask students if they want analog or digital study aids, about half say they want some digital and some paper materials.

Data Drives Better Learning Outcomes

Traditional print books aren't able to "phone home" and tell you how their being used. Kaplan is now able to quantify and analyze how often students do the following actions:

  • Opening book
  • Going to table of contents
  • Navigating to a chapter
  • Annotations (highlights) made
  • Flipping pages to find something you're looking for
  • Turning the page/how fast pages are read
  • Which pages are referenced most
  • Going to the glossary to see the definition of a word

In the same way that other businesses have used data analysis to improve business outcomes, Kaplan is using their studying statistics to improve their content and change learning outcomes. They are able to ponder the learning implications of informative metrics for eBooks (click graphic for larger view of slide).

Informative Metrics from eBooks

Are we heading to a future where professors can actually tell that you do the reading? 

Will they be able to tell you did it quickly in the fifteen minutes before class? Kaplan plans to share student reading data with their instructors. Instructors will be able to see which sections their students are spending more time on and perhaps need additional converge in the classroom.

If you are in the business of developing products and you have this information, "it'll change your life." They had to reorganize into agile development teams to respond to the data. "There is no point in collecting this data" if you're not ready to implement changes around it.

Challenges for Digital Learning Development

  • Data vs. intuition: What are the things data won't tell us? What can't you measure?
  • Managing the fire hours of data: What are the metrics that really matter? Otherwise you will overwhelm your team with data that doesn't help them develop better products.
  • How will this change the reading experience?

Evaluating iOS devices/releases

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Hello! We're wanting to put together a model where we have a standard approach to evaluating iOS releases (major and minor versions) as well as new iPhone and iPad models when they're released. We have three main "sections" that we're needing to expound on: usability, supportability, security.

What do the rest of you do when new software and/or devices are released? How do you judge them as being supportable or secure in your environment?

Any input and advice is appreciated. Also, if you happen to have a template or document that details your approach, that is helpful as well!

Brandon Edling

Can the redemption codes be reused for the applications purchased through volume purchase program

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Hi all,

If an organization buy an apps through volume purchase program, will they be able to use redemption codes. For example i have given an application to a business user with a redemption code. If he leaves the organization can i use the same redemption code for the new user.

Help me to get this information and any more information on this.


How to get remote viewing/control of the IPAD screen via internet or preferably 3G?

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Hi All,
Is there a software tool available on either MAC or PC to get remote viewing/control of the IPAD screen via internet or preferably 3G?

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