Apple Configurator updated to 1.7.2 supporting new iOS 8.3 restrictions

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A big day for Apple updates today. Along with OS X 10.10.3 and iOS 8.3, Apple's released Configurator 1.7.2.


New in Configurator 1.7.2
This update requires OS X Yosemite v10.10.3 and iTunes 12 or later. It includes the following improvements:
Improved stability in OS X Yosemite v10.10.3

Support for the configuration profile options listed below

Accept cookies from websites I visit, or current website only iOS 8 and later  
Allow predictive keyboard iOS 8.1.3 and later Supervised only
Allow auto correction iOS 8.1.3 and later Supervised only
Allow spell check iOS 8.1.3 and later Supervised only
Allow definition lookup iOS 8.1.3 and later Supervised only
Force Apple Watch wrist detection iOS 8.2 and later
Allow modifying Touch ID fingerprints iOS 8.3 and later Supervised only
VPN options    
IKEv2 Certificate Type: RSA, ECDSA256, ECDSA384 and ECDSA521 iOS 8.3 and later  
IKEv2 EncryptionAlgorithm: AES-128-GCM and AES-256-GCM iOS 8.3 and later  
IKEv2 Diffie Hellman Group numbers: 19, 20 and 21 iOS 8.3 and later  

How to install
Apple Configurator 1.7.2 is a recommended update for all Apple Configurator users. This update is available from the Updates pane of the Mac App Store.

About Configurator
To create or install an iOS configuration profile, use Apple Configurator or a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution like Profile Manager (included with OS X Server).

Apple Configurator replaces iPhone Configuration Utility. With the the release of iOS 8, iPhone Configuration Utility is no longer supported or available for download. The ability to view the iOS console log (previously available in iPhone Configuration Utility) is a feature of the Xcode development tool and third-party applications.

(As an alternative to Apple Configurator, consider GroundControl.)

Resigning 3rd party apps.

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Hi Guys,

I've been sent a app from one of our clients to upload to our enterprise app centre. It needs resigning with our enterprise certificates but when using iresign and apple codesign it returns the error Product identifiers don't match. has anybody run into this problem before or have a working way of resigning apps via apple codesign? We have all of the enterprise certs etc, and are resigning an app sent by developers who signed it with their development certs first.

Any advice or links to tutorials would be much appreciated.


Script with localization for Italy and China

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Just wanted to throw out there that I've localized the script for ITALY and CHINA:

I'm not sure if the original creator (gerrya100) wants me to make a pull request via GitHub but he is welcome to integrate my code into his "Universal"

Managed applications in Apple AppStore

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Hi All,

I have been recently requested to add MDM application configuration logic into existing public iOS application available in AppStore.
The application is working fine as a separate IPA file signed with an Enterprise provisioning profile and I'm wondering if it is possible/allowed to submit the updated application to AppStore (signed with a standard Developer provisioning profile) and then install and configure it via a MDM server (e.g. AirWatch) from the AppStore?

I understand that it could be a problem with a Developer profile used for AppStore, but AirWatch still can download and install this application on any managed device.

For some reason I could not find an answer on the Internet and testing this approach is very time consuming.
So all answers/suggestions are much appreciated.

Thank you!

Remote iPad Support

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We have deployed our own custom native iPad app interfaced to SAP for 125 remote sales people. I would be interested what other organizations are doing to remotely support their iPads and any custom apps they might have.

Depot service?
Remote options, I've looked but doesn't seem there are any good options for remote iPad support (i.e. like RDP for Windows, etc.) mainly due to Apple's architecture. Any suggestions?

ResearchKit & Apple – What they can teach the Enterprise

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Brian Katz posted a thought-provoking piece deconstructing Apple's work behind ResearchKit:

This is what is missing from most enterprises today. They don’t understand how to use mobile to enable their employees to be more productive and efficient while being more flexible and agile. Mobile isn’t about email, calendar and contacts. It’s about reimagining processes that can take advantage of the new tools that are already in people’s hands. The funny thing is that employees have already figured this out.

After four months in beta, iOS 8.2 now available for download

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Apple today released iOS 8.2, with an extensive list of improvements and fixes. The update is available over the air, and with direct download from our database of iOS Devices.

Release notes follow:


This release introduces support for Apple Watch, and also includes improvements to the Health app, increased stability and bug fixes.

Apple Watch support

  • New Apple Watch app to pair and sync with iPhone, and to customize watch settings
  • New Activity app for viewing fitness data and achievements from Apple Watch; appears when Apple Watch is paired
  • Available on iPhone 5 and later

Health app improvements

  • Adds the ability to select the unit of measurement for distance, body temperature, height, weight and blood glucose
  • Improves stability when dealing with large amounts of data
  • Includes the ability to add and visualize workout sessions from 3rd-party apps
  • Addresses an issue that may have prevented users from adding a photo in Medical ID
  • Fixes units for vitamins and minerals
  • Fixes an issue where Health data wouldn’t refresh after changing data source order
  • Fixes an issue where some graphs showed no data values
  • Adds a privacy setting that enables turning off tracking of steps, distance and flights climbed

Stability enhancements

  • Increases stability of Mail
  • Improves stability of Flyover in Maps
  • Improves stability of Music
  • Improves VoiceOver reliability
  • Improves connectivity with Made for iPhone Hearing Aids

Bug fixes

  • Fixes an issue in Maps that prevented navigating to some favorite locations
  • Addresses an issue where the last word in a quick reply message wasn't autocorrected
  • Fixes an issue where duplicate iTunes purchased content could prevent iCloud restore from completing
  • Resolves an issue where some music or playlists didn’t sync from iTunes to the Music app
  • Fixes an issue where deleted audiobooks sometimes remained on device
  • Resolves an issue that could prevent call audio from routing to car speakers while using Siri Eyes Free
  • Fixes a Bluetooth calling issue where no audio is heard until the call is answered
  • Fixes a timezone issue where Calendar events appear in GMT
  • Addresses an issue that caused certain events in a custom recurring meeting to drop from an Exchange calendar
  • Fixes a certificate error that prevented configuring an Exchange account behind a third-party gateway
  • Fixes an issue that could cause an organizer’s Exchange meeting notes to be overwritten
  • Resolves an issue that prevented some Calendar events from automatically showing as 'Busy' after accepting an invite

For information on the security content of this update, please visit this website:

The End of Generating Apple IDs

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It took Apple long enough, but we may finally be rid of this horrendous process. It was nice talking to you folks and reading your posts, but I'm glad to be done with this mess. Hopefully, DEP and MDM will be enough.

In iPad one-to-one environments, schools are seeing more engaged students, better attendance, and higher test results. You can see this happening in districts and schools like Prince George’s County, and Essa Academy.

We understand that some schools are not able to give every student an iPad and are sharing devices across classes and students. We want to make learning with a shared iPad a great experience for these students as well as their teachers and administrators. We are already at work on significant changes to App distribution, Apple ID, and Apple Deployment Programs that we are planning to deliver next year to make using iPad in the classroom even better.

To simplify large deployments, including one-to-one and shared use, we want to make app distribution even easier. Today, Apple IDs are required in order to deliver apps and books to students. We are working to change this in the fall by allowing schools to assign and distribute apps to a device without an Apple ID. As currently planned, this will greatly reduce the number of steps needed to setup a device.

This change should eliminate the need to create generic Apple IDs solely for the purposes of getting content onto iPad. Schools will also have the option to prevent students from making personal purchases without approval.

We realize the complexity of obtaining parental consent for Apple ID for students under 13 can be a challenge, especially in large districts. We are working to change the Apple ID for Students program in 2016 – during the upcoming school year. With these planned changes schools will have the ability to create and manage Apple IDs on behalf of students that can be configured to access iCloud. It will also allow system administrators to reset student passwords. And, the new approach will still meet COPPA requirements.

We are improving the Apple Deployment Programs by unifying individual services into one program, simplifying the administrator experience. This will make it far easier to enroll, manage, and support a large deployment—and reduce many of the steps schools have to go through to get setup.

Today iPad is engaging students in their learning in ways we couldn’t have imagined. Alongside inspiring leaders, innovative teachers and engaged communities, we believe iPad is the best device for any student, grade and level. We will work to make it easy to get iPads into the hands of all students and teachers. The feedback we receive helps guide what we need to do to get there.

Whitelisted IP

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Hi everyone And special thanks for apple id batch script
i don't know what does this mean ?
Where should i sign in?
IMPORTANT: Apple uses a velocity check to prevent too many Apple IDs from a single IP address. You must contact your Apple business representative to request that your IP address is whitelisted for a short time.

Quickly deliver iOS security updates with GroundControl 1.7

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Today GroundControl — the iOS fleet provisioning system — introduced a new and very powerful feature: GroundControl can now update the iOS firmware on your devices. Updates are cached, delivered as quickly as possible to your devices, and do not burden your WiFi network. Install critical Apple security updates to your entire fleet within 24 hours or less, without shipping to your depot.

Large fleets of mobile devices — such as in retail, transportation, or healthcare — typically require a labor-intensive mobile provisioning process, performed in a configuration depot. GroundControl dramatically simplifies that process, automating all processes to two steps: (1) Open the Box, (2) Plug it in. And its cloud-managed, distributed deployment model enables in-place reprovisioning, meaning you no longer need to ship devices back to the depot.

Like everything in GroundControl, the new iOS update feature is very customizable. To save time, payloads can be configured to update devices only below a specific version. Policies may be set up to patch only certain models, or at a handful of locations.

Note that when updating, GroundControl is able to install only the current Apple release. So no downgrading, folks. (This is a limitation from Apple, which adds the required cryptographic signatures to the current releases only.) And as a delivery mechanism, GroundControl won't help you prevent iOS updates. But there are other tricks on this site that may be useful to you.

For a demo or free trial, please use this form.

[Disclaimer: Aaron is both the admin of Enterprise iOS and the GroundControl CTO, but hey—we've got to pay the bills!]

Microsoft EMS - anyone use it?

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We're looking at migrating to another MDM, and with the Microsoft account manager courting us, they are pushing their EMS product.

I was wondering whether anyone uses it, and of so your experience with it. Also any comparison info against Airwatch would be appreciated.


EOY 1-1 Student iPad collection

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We will be going thru our 3rd year of end of year 1-1 Student iPad collection this year.
Wanted to fist share a few things we have learned plus ask if anyone would be willing to share what works for them. Looking to possibly change our High School Classroom based collection model to a more centralized one.

  • We treat the AC adapter and USB cable now as consumable items and do not collect. Started this policy before last years collection and I would highly suggest this as it has GREATLY helped our collection process.
  • Damage standards and charge/no charge for damage has always been a challange for us. Anyone willing to share their standards and how they implement? Last year we did an expanded ‘Tier 2’ examination of ours after main classroom collection checking units out of our provided case for dents, damaged headphone jacks, button damage, etc and based parent damage charges off that ’Tier 2’ check. Since this was not done with Student present and even though we had photos we still had quite a bit of negative Parent feedback. What to avoid that so wondering what others are doing for EOY damage procedures.
  • What are others doing for a timeline on Student 1-1 iPad collection? At our High School their stance is not until like 4th period of last Student day as they use for finals. Our Middle School sites are like 2 weeks ahead of last Student day so that is less of a collection timing issue.


iOS 8 Web Content Filter Plugins

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Does anybody have any more information on the 3rd-party options for Web Filtering in iOS 8 (mentioned here)? I haven't heard any news since the release of iOS 8, where it was promised that there would be powerful extensions to to allow for more robust filtering by device. The current implementation left over from iOS 7 is unusable, since it blocks nearly all https:// traffic. I was really hoping to have an option that allowed me to just remove the "clear history" options and specify a blacklist only for students who have lost some web browsing privileges.

Disable add to home screen?

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We are using Meraki MDM thoughout our schools estate, our devices are supervised and have disabaled the installation of Apps and the removal of apps.

The kids have realised they can visit websites and add a bookmark to the home screen, as the removal of apps is not allow there is no easy way to remove this "bookmark" from the home screen.

Does anyone know of a work around or is there something im missing that could prevent this.

8.1.3 'Broke' silent app push?

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Just wondering if anyone has this noticed this issue and the workaround.
8.1.2 and before
We could silently push apps via MDM and the app would install itself on the device as long as Automatic Downloads was turned on.
We can still push apps via MDM but they now appear under AppStore > Purchased. Now the user must search for the app ( recent makes it easier ) and install it themselves.

The issue. I have clients with 1000's of ipads in multiple locations that they want an app pushed to. Before this was easy, the apps would be available for use. Now each device must be touched to install the app. This becomes an issue with bandwidth, when 300 iPads are being picked up and 'installing' just before a meeting. Now someone has to run around and 'install' the app on each device so they are ready to go.

I've sent emails to Apple Engineering to see if this was a mistake or a 'fix'. Waiting on a reply.

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