Get App Version info

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Hi, i'm new user

i want to update the enterprices application through html link. Before that the page should identify presence of older version and the application Version information. so we can decide its new install or update.

pls guide me...Thanks

Bushel is now Generally Available!

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Bushel, an Apple device management solution, powered by JAMF Software, today announced general availability, expanding Apple device management to businesses of all sizes. Bushel is a cloud-based solution designed to make it simple and quick for regular people to complete their management tasks, including Apple device setup, security and usability. The software had been in beta for some time now, and users could use it on an invitation-only basis. Bushel has just today become generally available to the public to sign up for either a free or paid account. You can find out more and sign up on the Bushel website.

Happy New Year from Enterprise iOS and GroundControl (video)

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A short and fun demonstration of our new GroundControl enterprise-class iOS configurator. It's been a really big year for me, and I'm looking forward to 2015.

Happy New Year!!

Auto Verify Apple Accounts

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I recently had to create 100 apple accounts and since someone created the batch apple ID creator, I figured I'd make an automatic verifier.

There are a few things to note here:

1. Must be run on Windows with .Net 4.0
2. Requires Exchange 2010 - I've posted the source too, so you can modify if needed)
3. Requires that you either know the username/password to the mailbox the apple ID was sent to, or have administrative privileges to log on to that account using your own credentials. Most domain admins do.

Downloading iOS 8.1.2 (and populating Configurator)

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Is it possible to download the iOS update into configuratior without connecting an iPad to it? Evey time I try to prepare an iPad, it starts downloading the update and states that "connection was lost and unable to finish downloading"

Any thoughts?

VPN causing slow internet connection.

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We have customers complaining that once their iPads are connected to the internet, their internet speed is severely throttled. It appears to be caused by the VPN, is there a way to fix this? We are using a Cisco AnyConnect IPsec VPN

Thank you.

iOS Provisioning Profile Renewal Process with MDM

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Hello all! We have what appears to be a common scenario, but have yet found the best answer.

We will be approaching the time to renew our iOS Distribution provisioning profiles for internal apps in the next few months. These apps are managed and deployed through MDM. I have tested the process of uploading a renewed profile through our MDM. The updated profile is displayed and the Renewal Date now matches the expiration date of the new profile.

My concern is relying on an MDM to update the profiles for all devices. The other option appears to be to re-package the current apps with the renewed profile and deploy the build again through MDM.

Any recommendations or best practices for this scenario?

I should note that all iOS devices are supervised and shared devices.

Thank you in advance!

Multi-tenancy for AirWatch and XenMobile own cloud??

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A lot of EMM providers are telling that they support multi-tenancy. That might be true for their own clould.
I got the surprise with XenMobile when we planned to build an own Community Cloud to serve different customers with EMM. Yes it is possible to administer different organizations, which cannot see each other, but if you want to connect Active Directory etc. then the multi-tenancy becomes complex. Citrix informed me that they are waiting for a new release to support multi-tenancy.
However, I would like to understand whether it is possible to configure instead AirWatch in a Community Cloud to run different customers inc. interfaces.
Does anybody can support me with this request?

iOS 8.1.1 is out: Bug fixes, increased stability and performance improvements

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iOS 8.1.1 is out. Download offline copies of the firmware via our database of iOS Devices.


This release includes bug fixes, increased stability and performance improvements for iPad 2 and iPhone 4s.
For information on the security content of this update, please visit this website:

"Bottom's complicated" T-Mobile CEO John Legere on the new iPads and Apple SIM

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One of the more interesting features of the new iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 announced just over a week ago is the carrier-independent "Apple SIM". iPads are no longer locked to a single carrier, and users can switch carriers at any time. So it seemed.

When it comes to carriers nothing is ever simple. Now T-Mobile's CEO John Legere posted a "tweetstorm" to explain the user experience, which of course is very different from one carrier to another.

Here's the info:

How To Handle A Gift of 50 iPads

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Just joined this group and I ask for your forbearance - I'm new to all this.

I work for an agency that serves people with developmental disabilities and we have about 55 locations in Westchester County, NY. Some generous peopel gave us a donation of 50 iPads and I'm trying to rationally deploy them! I'd like to be able to synch them remotley for iOS and app updates to avoid a lot of travel. The devices would be shared at the remote locations amongst several clients and the slection of apps would be limited to about 20 or so. Of course, since we're a non-proift, funds are limited, so whatever solutions are available, they must be affordable.

Thanks for your input.


P.S. Any suggestions for iPad cases without covers that would be durable?

iOS 8.1 coming out today — Apple Pay, Continuity, more

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iOS 8.1, the next update to iOS 8 is arriving today. Major features are the inclusion of Apple Pay and Continuity. Continuity works when paired with other Apple devices running the latest operating system (Mac OS X 10.10 was released just last Friday), and allows for a few cool and actually useful features:

  • receive and send SMS messages from iPads and Macs
  • continue viewing and editing documents and email between iOS devices and Macs and iPads
  • "Instant Hotspot" lets you easily share your iPhone's LTE connection

Let us know how the upgrades go.

Devices can't be enrolled in DEP, what's my best course of action?

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A department bought iPads outside of our registered Apple Education purchase account and now they can't be enrolled in DEP.

If I can't manage the iTunes account for this shared-use lab, what's my best course of action.

On another note, Apple Configurator 1.6 is dead slow updating new iPads to 8.0.2 even though the ipsw file is downloaded. It's taking over an hour. Any thoughts?

Thanks all!

Forbidden Apps

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There are a number of apps out there, and new ones popping up all the time, that students are downloading for one reason or another. Mostly VPN apps to try and bypass our web filters. GBA4iOS is a little more innocuous, but does make the user change the time on their iPads to a date in the past.

We are blocking the install of Configuration Profiles which helps with VPNs. I also lock and disable features on the iPad if it is seen in inventory. It installs a Web Clip they click on that brings them to a page and explains why their iPad is disabled and how to get rid of it.

A new app I found yesterday is vShare. This is an app that allows you to pirate other apps, wants you to change the time on your iPad to a time in the past and installs a Provisioning Profile called "Anyone".

I would like to create this and start a list of apps that students use to bypass rules. A wiki of things that are Forbidden or otherwise screw up your configs. If this has already been done in another post please let me know, but I did not find anything. Here is my list so far:

Anyone - Provisioning profile

prevent adding passcode?

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We are getting ready to deploy ipads in a shared environment. We are using Maas360 as our MDM. The only issue left is that there seems to be no way to prevent users from enabling a passcode on the device. A student could potentially configure a passcode and prevent the next person from picking up the ipad and using it.

Any way to lock them out of this? How are others dealing with this?

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