Apple's iOS 7 Features for Business and Enterprise IT

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I was going to write a long post about iOS 7, which was announced today at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference. But then I realized that Ryan Faas already wrote it for me.

It is difficult to add to Ryan's article. I mean, there is more to know, but at this point it is all under non-disclosure. But I am quite satisfied that Apple is listening to businesses and making changes. iOS 7 will have lots of improvements with enterprise in mind. It's even mentioned on Apple's site:

iOS 7 includes many new features designed to make it easier for businesses to put iOS devices in the hands of employees. Features such as better protection of work and personal data, management of app licenses, seamless enrollment in Mobile Device Management, wireless app configuration, enterprise single sign-on support, and default data protection for third-party apps.

We are looking forward to seeing much more in the fall.

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Aaron Freimark

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iBooks Deployment?

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I just noticed this sentence at the bottom of the OS X preview page:

And Profile Manager has an array of new management features for iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks that simplify software distribution of apps and books.

IDoes this mean that iBooks will be distributable over the air, just as apps are today?

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iBooks Deployment

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You already can with some MDMs, e.g. AirWatch 6.4 supports OTA iBook distribution


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