Apple ignores the enterprise! Or not. A chart of new enterprise features by iOS release.

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Apple ignores the enterprise! So says the conventional wisdom. But I thought I'd share this slide with you guys. It was part of a presentation I gave yesterday to some business leaders at an Apple event in New York.

Every year Apple releases a new version of iOS. Every version of iOS includes new features focused on the enterprise. Every new release includes more new features than the year before.

Apple may not market to the enterprise, but they most certainly engineer to the enterprise.

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Nice slide. I would also add

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Nice slide. I would also add Remote Wipe which was added in iOS 3.

On a related note, iPad takes 91.4% share of enterprise tablets.

Ben Goulding-Huckle
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True, they have added lots of

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True, they have added lots of enterprise friendly features. On the other hand, they STILL haven't updated the iPhone configuration utility to fully support iOS7, so for enterprises that run Windows, the new enterprise features in ios7 may as well not exist.


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