iOS 8.1.3 includes lots of security fixes

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Yesterday Apple released iOS 8.1.3 for all iOS-capable devices. The headline feature is to reduce the amount of space required for (future) software updates. This should help out those of us with 8 or 16GB devices. There is also mention of "new configuration options for education standardized testing." No idea what that means, since Apple hasn't updated the Configuration Profile Reference yet.

I always get a kick reading the list of security fixes, which is pretty lengthy for 8.1.3.

In other news, Apple announced massive quarterly results, with every product (but iPad) growing strongly year-over-year. Oh, and the Apple Watch is now expected in April.

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"New configuration options

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"New configuration options for education standardized testing" means new MDM restrictions for supervised devices :

  • Disable Dictionary
  • Disable Predictive
  • Disable Check Spelling
  • Disable Auto-Correction

With Single app mode, iOS seems to be used for education standardized testing.

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iOS 8.1.3 New Configuration Profile Keys

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If these keys are set to false the features will be disabled system wide for supervised devices. The device don't need to be in single app mode for this features to be disabled.

Here are the boolean configuration profile keys:







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