New host for Enterprise iOS, some content lost

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Hi all! We had some trouble with our old hosting provider, so I've moved the site to a new (and generous) host. Unfortunately about 2 months of content has been lost. That sounds like a lot, but since I've been so poor at moderation lately, it doesn't really amount to much. Still, my sincere apologies to the authors of this content.

I'm going to work on streamlining this site, making it once again relevant to the modern times. The MDM Comparison is so far out of date, it will be archived. There are other resources for this information now.

My primary work continues to be running GroundControl, an enterprise-class replacement for Apple Configurator. I haven't posted much about GroundControl here, but I'll start to. Besides the shameless promotion, I genuinely think the product could be a very useful addition to your mobile management toolset.

More to come!

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Great news! Thanks for

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Great news! Thanks for reviving the site, Aaron.

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