Tethered Caching is much better in macOS High Sierra

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Apple has posted an article detailing changes to tethered caching in macOS 10.13 "High Sierra." Caching used to require a Mac running their $20 Server app, but no longer.

  • Content Caching is now built into every Mac
  • Prior to macOS 10.13, Tethered Caching was launched from the command line. Now it's a simple checkbox in the "Sharing" preference pane
  • Caching recommends Ethernet, but Ethernet is no longer required
  • A number of advanced options are available if you hold down the Option key, including specifying parents to create a hierarchical caching system
  • Tethered continues to work great with GroundControl for mass-device provisioning

I'll post more info and screenshots when we get closer to release.

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