Custom APN settings incompatible with iOS 9

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Hi All,

"You can define a custom Access Point Name (APN) for cellular data access using either of two different configuration profile payloads – APN or Cellular. In iOS 9 you currently must use a Cellular payload for your APN profile. Apple plans to address this issue in a software update."

If you are affected by iOS 9 APN issue please refer to Apple's KB.


Private APN with access to outside websites?

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Hi guys, Im new to this APN thing, and trying to figure out how to make this work.

A client of mine has an APN that managed by AT&T, that allow iOS devices to access private website from my client. Now we want to use that APN with the addition of accessing to Google and Apple maps. They told me to setup the proxy on iOS device to have access to other public websites.

1) Is this correct? Because I thought all they have to do is add those websites that they want to access into the APN itself, and not setup a separate proxy on the device?

2) If setup a proxy on the device will get this working, where do I setup this proxy up on the device? Do I use the Global HTTP Proxy? or the Proxy in the APN profile, when I create it in Apple Configurator?

Thanks for all your input.

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