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How to enroll in MDM using Apple Configurator 2

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We're regularly asked a handful of questions by our customers regarding Apple Configurator 2. Should we use it in addition to MDM? How do we configure our MDM with it? What if we don't have OS X?

We put together a general guide to answer many of these common questions. The guide is available here:

How To Enroll in MDM with Apple Configurator 2

Happy to field additional questions here on Enterprise iOS!

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ACUInternetServiceContext service crashes when applying Apps in Conf. 2

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This happens right after the App downloads.

An underlying service (ACUInternetServiceContext) unexpectedly quit. [ConfigurationUtilityKit.error – 0x68 (104)]

The error is somewhat intermittent, but happens more often than not. It seems to always happen when applying many Apps, and happens half the time when applying a single App to an iPad.

Can you turn off updates on Apple Configurator 2?

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After supervising device in the "prepare" in old configurator, you could click never update device under supervise. Do they have anything close to it. All I found in Help (Update Devices) was all supervised devices are automatically updated. Updates seem to cause problems with our ad-hoc apps.

Where does Configurator 2 store iPad Backups

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In Configurator 1 I was able to find and copy Backups made with the software. Where does Configurator 2 store Backups and is it possible to do the same thing (share backups between Configurator 2 instances)?

Apple Configurator 2.0. Help

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Hi all
I've been asked to set up 37 iPad for my employer, prior to config 2 id take the following steps
apply profiles
Add Apps
sorted apps into Boxes
Back up the image.

Supervise the remaining iPads and restore from back up.
My Question is, Can you still restore an iPad for back and keep the iPad supervised??
These iPad need to be used locally via config my mac as the network is pants.

Apple Configurator 2

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Hi All,

I have few questions regarding Apple Configurator 2.0.

Can we pre-enroll devices to the MDM like AirWatch and MobileIron with a staging users and then use of a 'sign in' method where the end user will take ownership of the device and get their personalized content?

Configurator 2 allows you to save all of your Configuration Profiles in iCloud Drive for easy synchronization between multiple Configurator stations. Does this mean we have to use same apple id if we are using multiple stations to configure the devices?


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